What is Sri Lanka Famous/Known For?

10Huge Elephants Roaming in the Wilds

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Sri Lanka is really fun. Imagine a country with a combination of giant whales, huge elephants, interesting ancient history, rising waves, hazy mountains, furtive leopards, enjoyable tea and friendly people. There are many things the country has to offer, some of which you will discover below. You can find elephants in almost every location in Sri Lanka- you can spot them in around the tea plantation, forests and in national parks. The best place to actually see these elephants moving about freely is in the national parks. The Uda Walawe Reservoir Park houses about 400 pachyderms including the elephants, and rhinoceros with scrub jungles, riverine forest, and grassland. It also offers a great view for bird watching. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!

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