Duisburg is famous for its rooftop bars that give you a whole new viewpoint of the city. Different varieties of drinks and cocktails are available to escape the heat and enjoy complete relaxation. These are the best rooftop bars in the city you could possibly visit to chill out.

4Bolero Duisburg

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If you want the perfect atmosphere for relaxation in Duisburg, then Bolero is the right place for you. Bolero is located in the middle of the trendy Duisburg inner harbor. You will find the restaurant quite fascinating as the cuisines are prepared in a family-style. The burgers are extraordinary and very fresh. Having a taste of the delicious wraps and salads or the perfect steak is a good choice for a meal. Everything prepared here is of high quality and homemade. Don’t leave without trying the different varieties of cocktails available, as you will find them tantalizing. Bolero is just the perfect place for a sunny day.

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