10The Floating Seahorse, Dubai

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Imagine a hotel room that’s floating in the sea, with even an underwater room like a submarine. Now stop imagining because it’s real and incredible! Dubai, located on the shores of the Persian Gulf, is a fairy tale created by human hands, an application of the most extreme human imaginations, accompanied by full financial support with their investments, from the most powerful countries in the world. Starting especially after 1990, Dubai with the implementation of crazy, dizzying projects such as the tallest buildings in the world, beaches and artificial archipelago of various shapes, such as the shape of the flower, the world map and what else can the human mind produce, is made one of the most interesting places in the world. Another extreme imagination, that of a hotel room floating in the sea, implemented by the largest company in Dubai, Kleindienst, which has made large investments for this ultra-luxury project, has recently been implemented here. These hotel floating rooms called Floating Seahorse, applied to the Artifical Archipelago Heart of Europe, Dubai, inspired by Malvides, will be immovable. They will have three levels, the floor below the water and two floors above the water. A bathroom and bedroom with large lights overlooking the sea, and the two floors above the water have room, kitchen, living room, veranda, with a luxurious comfort, with coral environments in the depths of the sea around the villa, which rank these in the range of five-star hotels. Of course the villas are connected by road between the villas. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

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