Plovdiv is a beautiful city situated on seven hills in Bulgaria. The rooftop bars among these seven hills are ideal locations for a perfect round of cocktails. You could also enjoy spectacular views of the city’s surroundings from the roof terraces while settling for a delicious meal. These are the finest rooftop bars you should explore in Plovdiv.

5Kaya Place By Buda’s

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One of the best rooftop bars to explore in Plovdiv is Kaya’s place. Located on the 6th floor of a magnificent building in the heart of Plovdiv, Kaya’s bar is the perfect bar for shisha and drink. It is a great place to relax and spend some time with friends. The beautiful terrace is something you will find interesting as it offers stunning views of the city’s skyline. Kaya’s bar offers a good atmosphere with something extra like fine music. The service is awesome and the drinks are at a very reasonable price. Don’t forget to settle for the cocktails available as the bar provides guests with specially made cocktails. Kaya’s bar is definitely worth a visit.

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