1. Likava Castle

Fancy visiting some of the scariest places in Slovakia? This alluring country has plenty of mystery and locations that will give you goosebumps. Slovakia like many other countries is one of the oldest in Europe, and that’s why has a long history, that derives from ancient and medieval castles. Likava Castle dates back to the 12th century and it was built for creating a protective wall for the city. Later on the centuries, it became a prison for troopers, a really cruel prison. It is said that many prisoners are still there walking through the corridors, as they were killed on the spot, and their spirit is still haunting the place.

Location: Lower Liptov

2. Cachtice Castle

Cachtice Castle is located in a remote area in Slovakia, and there are many scary stories related to this place. It stands upon the steep side of a mountain, and it looks quite immense. It has been destroyed during the centuries, but there are still sites that are saved. The castle had a notorious owner, Elizabeth Bathory, who is known as the Bloody Countess. Elizabeth was known as the most frightening serial killer in her times, and that’s the reason why the Cachtice Castle is haunted. The owner used to torture people and then killed them. They say many voices are heard from the Castle.

Location: Cachtice Village

3. Korlatka Castle

This castle is not one of the most terrifying places in Slovakia but has some very interesting legends. Korlatka Castle is located in a remote area, and all the scary stories and legends are related to the well being in the bottom of the castle. The best time of the year to visit this place is on June 23, when they celebrate St.John’s night, and you can have a walk around the dungeons of the castle. Make sure to bring a fan with you, as you can barely see, and take care of the ghosts making their appearance.

Location: Borders with the Czech Republic

4. Black Lady from St. Michael’s Tower


One of the most visited tourist attractions in Slovakia is St. Michael’s Tower, as it is located in Bratislava and usually has visitors. There are plenty of reasons to visit this tower, but the best time to go is at night, as many people say that have spotted the Black Lady, who has haunted the place for many years. The name of the black lady is Ursula, and she is haunting the place as she was not able to find peace. Ursula accused her friend of being a witch, and she was burned. When she realized what she has done, she killed herself and haunted the Tower from guilt.

Location: St. Michael’s Tower, Bratislava

5. Executioner’s House

Last but not least, Executioner’s House is definitely a place that has a variety of stories, and it is one of the reasons why it is haunted. People who lived in the area are scared to walk by this house, as they say, it has a spooky atmosphere. The house was the place were executioners lived, and the last owner of the house was Augustin Splinder, who it is said to have killed many people in 1849. It is absolutely a creepy place to go, and you will experience the scary vibes.

Location: Bastova Ulica

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