Apart from being the capital and largest city of Northern Ireland, Belfast is also a place of great history and cultural heritage. The city gets its name from standing at the mouth of River Lagan, which is on the east coast. Before you visited them, we would like you to explore what the city is most famous for.


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Filmmaker James Cameron brought the story of Titanic to life with his 1997 epic romance and disaster film. Belfast is famous for being the city that built Titanic. Shipbuilding was a crucial industry in the country where Harland and Wolff shipyard here responsible for building massive ships. You can visit the Titanic Quarters, where the Titanic museum is located, with the opportunity to explore the best of Harland & Wolff shipyard.

Botanical Gardens And Parks

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You’ll find beautiful botanical gardens and parks everywhere you go in Belfast, most of which attract high visitors’ traffic. The Victorian Botanic Gardens is one of the top centers in the city because of the connection to the city’s heritage. Every year, more than 600,000 people from several countries across the world come to visit the place. Cave Hill Country Park is another place you don’t want to miss with its endless list of outdoor activities. It’s an excellent place for camping, relaxation, and experiencing Belfast’s best panoramic view.

Public Buildings Of Repute

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You can’t get enough of Belfast’s beauty and elegance, with all its lovely public buildings and architecture. These edifices have become a part of the people’s culture and history, so they are the top places to see when you visit. Belfast City Hall at the heart of the city center is a place of fame. The building has been standing for more than 100 years, serving as a place of community meetings, history, and culture. Lovers of music and art will find happiness at the MAC or Metropolitan Arts Centre Belfast, with regular presentations of music, dance, theatre, and more. The Parliament Buildings, which is the place of government and national politics, is also worth mentioning.


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If you love learning about the history of Northern Ireland, the UK, and the world, you’ll get to the Belfast museums. Founded in 1821, the Ulster Museum offers visitors the best of what the Irish have to offer in terms of cultural heritage. The museums have a collection of artifacts from ancient history, including Mesolithic stone tools, Gold lunula, Bronze Age gold ribbon torcs, and other items from Irish archeology. There are also several zoology collections, individual specimens, botanicals, and more than 5,000 fashion and textile items. Other museums you can explore are Titanic Belfast, SS Nomadic, HMS Caroline, and Crumlin Road Gaol.

St George’s Market

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Young and older people show up at St George’s Market to experience Belfast’s lifestyle, local culture, cuisine, and everything in-between. The place is so good it won the 2017 UK’s Best Market Attraction, especially with its offering of traditional food and variety items.

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