1. Dracula’s Castle

Looking for exciting destinations during Halloween? Look no further! Romania is the best place to find scary locations and frightening stories, as there are many castles with creepy sites and forests excellent for ghost hunting. Starting with the most famous location in Romania, Dracula’s Castle is definitely the first place to visit. It is located on a cliff, named also Bran Castle, and it was the reason for creating the myth of the vampire. The story is said to originate from Vlad Impaler, who used to be ruthless with criminals at that period of time. However, the castle is ideal for exploring, and experience that haunting vibe.

Location: Transylvania

2. Poienari Fortress

Many scary stories in Romania are generated from the myth of Vlad the Impaler, as it was a legendary man. Poienari Fortress is not haunted by Vlad, but by his wife, who is said to have stayed in this place. The story says that she has to choose between suicide or to be captured by the Turks. So, she decided to jump from the cliff and to take her own life. People say that at night, they see lights and hear some voices.

Location: Voda

3. Corvin Castle

Corvin Castle has its own scary stories. Vlad was said to be imprisoned there, but there are some other stories related to it as well. It is said that three men were captured there, and were imprisoned till death. The three men were told to build a well, and at the end of the construction, they were set free. However, they finished well, but they never were free, so they died there.

Location: Hunedoara

4. The Devil’s Precipice

The Devil’s Precipice is the best place to go ghost hunting, as it is a hidden fortune there. Cosminele is a small village where many souls of dead people are haunting the place, and there is a curse for the fortune that is found there. It is absolutely a must-see place, and you will feel one of the most amazing experiences in your life.

Location: Cosminele

5. Witches’ Pond

The Witches’ Pond is being alive by the rituals of withes who have lived there. Witches perform their rituals there each year during the Saznienele celebration in June. Even the animals dislike this place, as they never drink water from it. Additionally, the place never dries, never expands and neither rain nor drought affects its shape in any way. Don’t miss it!

Location: Boldu-Creteasca Forest

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