Did you know that Canada is the second largest country in the world? If you did not know about this, well, there’s probably so much more you need to discover about Canada. It may seem like this commonwealth country has no attractions sites or any beautiful places you can visit. Contrary to the opinion, this is one of the most toured countries in the North America, particularly over summer period. That should not make you think that the best places to visit in Canada are ideal only for summer season.

National Parks and Wilderness

While the nation holds the record of being second largest in land mass area, you should expect most of that land to be total wilderness. This is perhaps the biggest attraction of this North American Country, and most likely why most travelers prefer to visit over summer. The utterly massive vastness of nature for you to really get lost in is such a splendid thing over summer and winter.

Do you love mountaineering, boating, cycling, hiking, swimming; there’s probably more rewards than anyone can expect while at the expansive wilderness. It simply offers you limitless opportunities to enjoying the wilderness in the most amazingly unimaginable measures. You will definitely find the massive national parks of Canada to offer excellent picture sites.

Banff National Park

Banff National Park is located on the in Alberta. This park brags of being the first in Canada, and is the most visited due to its vastness and breathtaking scenery. This when coupled with wildlife; it facilitates to draw many visitors each year. Most of the visitors here use the Trans-Canada Highways passing through Banff Park.

If you are in the Canada eta eligible countries, it would help you enjoy more of these scenes since your ETA visa will last for five years or whenever your passport expires. You may want to make plans and apply for the Electronic Travel Authorization, which gives you five years’ duration to enjoy the scenic views of mammals such as bison, black bears, wolves, grizzly bears, bald eagles and bighorn sheep.

Niagara Falls

Don’t get this wrong, Canada is not in Africa. Most people will confuse Niagara Falls with the one in Nigeria bearing a similar name. The Canadian Niagara Falls offers a three wave series of awe-inspiring waterfalls. This scenic site is located at the border of Ontario in Canada and the New York City in USA. With an Electronic Travel Authorization, you can fly over from New York to Ontario every so often and enjoy all there is in this iconic National Park.

The Falls on the Ontario side are often referred to as Horseshoe Falls. They offer the most attractive views, and the predominant attractive sites of the larger Niagara Falls. You will find the immediate environment a perfect spot for tour activities such as observation towers, high-rise hotels for accommodation and unwinding, souvenir shops if you want to bring a gift home, plus great restaurants to give you the best of Ontario’s delicacies. To help you get the best view of Ontario’s side of the Niagara Falls, you may want to do it from Queen Victoria Park.

This scenic perspective illuminates the Falls and under the nightly display of fireworks during summer. While enjoying this beautiful scenery, you do not have to worry about your temporary visa expiring. If you are in the Canada eta eligible countries, apply for the Electronic Travel Authorization and get unlimited time to marvel in these and much more in Canada.

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