If you are an Instagrammer looking for the best places to capture killer photos for your Instagram Newsfeed, you should consider heading to Hyderabad as soon as you can. Becoming famous on Instagram depends on the quality of stuff you add to your Newsfeed. Experts advise you to post high-quality pictures that will earn more comments, likes, and prompt colossal followership. Whether you live in Hyderabad or visiting from other regions, here are some of the best spots to capture fascinating pics for your Insta account. Top Instagram Spots in Hyderabad

  1. Necklace Road

One of the best picture-worthy spots in Hyderabad is the Necklace Road. It offers a fun-filled and calm environment for those incredible snaps that will wow every follower on your Instagram account. The necklace road was named so as it resembles a necklace – this is probably an amazing thing that you should not just witness but also record. When you come to Hyderabad, grab your camera and go straight to the Necklace Road. The road extends to an area of, say, 3 Km and covers popular parks such as Sanjeevaiah Park, NTR Gardens, and Lumbini Park. A gorgeous lake surrounds the entire region – you can hire a boat and enjoy capturing some pictures for your Instagram account. Other than the amusing parks and the fantastic lake, there are also beautiful flowers throughout the year, and hence the place is ideal for nature and photo lovers.

  1. Ameenpur

Yet another best spot for photography lovers in Hyderabad is Ameenpur Lake. In case you have never been here before, make an effort to explore the region soon. As a rule of thumb, never leave your camera behind when coming to Ameenpur Lake (even if you are not a fan of photography, a camera will help you record those fantastic memories). The Lake is surrounded by greenery with beautiful birds, insects, and wildlife, which should be featured in your Instagram photos. Try taking shots here when the sun is rising or going down, and you will love it too! When you come to the lake, you will encounter hundreds of other visitors who also come here for the same purpose – capturing IG photos. The place is a popular destination, especially on weekends – if you don’t want too many disturbances while posing for your snapshots, then visit on weekdays.

  1. Ramoji Film City

Recognized as Hyderabad’s most famous, glamorous, and established film studios, the Ramoji Film city is a must explore for all visitors coming to Hyderabad and looking for a cool place to take a few shots for Instagram. The Ramoji Film City has been featured in several “hot movies,” which should tell you something regarding this region. It’s a vast place that you can’t even explore within a single day, but you just spot the most fantastic pics places. There are beautiful hotels where you can stay at night and continue with your exploration the next day. Please don’t come here without a camera – you will regret it if you do!

  1. Gudimalkapur Flower Market

Gudimalkapur Flower Market is supposedly the best place to be if your main reason for visiting Hyderabad is to capture pictures for your Instagram account. The flower market happens daily in India, and I bet you’ve never seen a flower market like this before. In case you go to Gudimalkapur Flower Market, you will interact with thousands of other individuals buying or selling the flowers. Come early in the morning when the flowers are still fresh and capture a killer photo. Your pictures here will look amazingly cute, considering the background is composed of different types of flowers that blend to produce a sparkling view. There is another flower market in India worth mentioning; however, they don’t compare to Gudimalkapur Market. These are Chennai and Bangalore.

  1. The Mahavir-Harina-Vanasthali National Park

Are you a nature & animal lover? If your reply to this question is affirmative, the Mahavir Harina-Vanasthali National Park is the best place to be. There are a variety of animals that a wildlife lover will appreciate watching and taking a picture with. Most of the animal species which are hard to find in other wildlife can be found here. For example, Pond herons, monitor lizards, cheetahs, porcupines, wild boars, different types of snakes, quails, peacocks, kites, partridges, cormorants, etc. The park is well maintained and is a cool place for an outing with your significant other. Take pictures with your loved ones and feature wildlife – this will stir your Instagram follower’s minds.

  1. Golkonda Fort

This is yet another destination that attracts thousands of tourists from all corners of the world every year. One of the reasons individuals visit Golconda Fort is to capture a picture for their social media accounts. It’s a fantastic place with stunning views & artistic beauty – come here with your camera and some friends, or you’re for maximum fun. Besides its physical appearance, the place is also famous for its prominent historical locations – you will learn a lot of history. That means you should also bring a notebook and a pen. Don’t come back from Hyderabad without visiting Golconda Fort – it’s worth everything.

  1. Durgam Cheruvu

Durgam Cheruvu has alleged the best picturesque lakes in Hyderabad, India. The lake seems “peaceful” with a breathtaking beauty- you will enjoy exploring the scenic beauty while experiencing the peaceful atmosphere of Durgam Cheruvu Lake.For photography lovers traveling to Hyderabad from abroad or other regions of India, Durgam Cheruvu is worth a visit. The lake features a fountain and an artificial waterfall that can be a perfect background for your IG photos. Durgam Cheruvu Lake is a family-friendly attraction – don’t leave your toddlers behind.

  1. Himayat Sagar Lake

Located in the outskirts of Hyderabad, Himayat Sagar Lake is a must witness for tourists coming to Hyderabad. As you can tell of its name, there is something odd about this lake. Why don’t you spare some time and explore everything it offers? Find out why it’s called Sugar Lake – you will be amazed to discover it means more than you think. It’s a perfect destination for picnics so you can come here with your significant other and have fun like never before. Don’t neglect your camera, as you will need to capture some fantastic moments here for your IG account.


Hyderabad, India, is one of the most magnificent cities in the world. There are countless picturesque spots here, and hence the destination ideal for travel enthusiasts who are also looking to become Instagram famous. If you haven’t been here before, book the flight to Hyderabad now and witness all this on your own!

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