The volcanic islands of Cape Verde are some of the most impressive and wonderful places to enjoy oneself in this continent that still retain most of its nature. While on a visit, you’ll also be introduced to some of their glorious drinks of which you can enjoy any day, at your own desire. Here are some of the drinks that make Cape Verde a place worth visiting.


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Made from sugarcane, Grogue is regarded as the national drink of the people of Cape Verde. It’s an alcoholic beverage and is used in the making of a cocktail known as Ponche. The making, preservation, and consumption of the drink are deeply rooted in the country’s culture, and it plays a major role in festivals, parties, and public events. You can choose either the brown or white Grogue depending on your taste or order for one of the cocktails made from the drink.


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Cape Verde also loves beer, which is why you would find it in almost every place that you went to. One of the most popular beers is the Strela; a delicious pill beer brewed on the island known as Santiago. Apart from the regular Strela, you can also ask for other variations like Strela Ego, Strela Kriola, and Strela Petra. Another thing that makes Cape Verde really fun is that you could find different types of local beers in each of the islands as you explore. Afternoons in Cape Verde are usually very sunny, so a couple of these bottles of beer would do you a lot of good.

Cape Verde Caipirinha

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Apart from drinking Gorgue the natural way, it can also be made into different types of drinks, including Cape Verde Caipirinha. This is a Brazilian-inspired cocktail with added features like ice, and sugar. You’ll find this drink very useful for quenching your taste, in bars and at beaches.

Fogo Wine

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The island of Fogo in Cape Verde is known for its many wonders, especially the fertile soil that produces quality wines. Grape cultivation on this island began since 1870 and has since become a sensation for the locals and visitors who come to enjoy their time here. Fogo wine is of high quality, and you could find varieties like red, white, and rose wines. The Fogo wine is available under the ‘Cha’ label and can be found everywhere you go on the island.

Fogo Coffee

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While Fogo wine was introduced to the island by the French in the late 19th century, Fogo Coffee has been around here for more than 300 years ago. A combination of volcanic soil, high location, and favorable climate make coffee farming very smooth on this island. It also contributes to the unique taste and flavor of the coffee, which is one of the reasons why it has become a favorite among tourists. While Fogo Coffee is now famous all over the world, including at Starbucks, consuming it in this local environment where it is grown and prepared can’t be exchanged for anything. Fogo Coffee is one of the best beverage options you should never miss when you visit Cape Verde.

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