This Buddhist kingdom in the eastern part of the Himalayans is a paradise on earth for fun seekers and adventurers. They have a number of local drinks you can try out, some of which are part of the local culture. These drinks can be found in restaurants and bars, offering the very best of fun and relaxation opportunities for tourists.

Ara Drink

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A very popular drink made from rice, maize, millet, or barley. What makes this drink popular in Bhutan is the connection to not just their cuisine but also their culture. Apart from drinking in public places like bars and restaurants, local farmers are also known to produce drinks for their families. Ara is beyond a regular drink as it takes part in many religious activities, making it an even more important drink for the locals. You should try out Ara for a relaxing and fun evening in one of their bars.


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This Tibetan beverage is also very popular with the Bhutanese. The drink is made from cereal, and it is an alcoholic. There is a locally made Chang, which is very popular among the people as locals brew it in their homes and backyards. You can have a taste of this drink because of its soothing relief, as it serves as the best option during the cold weather. There is also the Chang that is commercially made and sold in cans. A note of warning; Chang can be addictive, so make sure you drink it with caution.

Bhutan Wine

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Wine is an essential part of Bhutanese cuisine. The people love pure and tasty wine, and you can find them in almost every part of the country. Bhutanese wine started in the 1990s but has since grown into an industry that serves hundreds of thousands of people. Zumzin Peach Wine is an example of wine that you’ll find in the country with several versions available. There is also the Takin Red Wine with sweetness, and containing lots of sugar. Vintria Shiraz Dry Wine is also very popular where some people even consider it the best wine in the country. The best way to enjoy the wine is to consume it with a bowl of fruits or salad.


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Just like wines, whiskeys are also very common in Bhutan. One of the most popular of these is the Bhutan Grain Whiskey, with a 42.8% alcohol level in each 750ml bottle. You can also try out the K5 Blended Scotch Whiskey, which is very popular in clubs, bars, and hotels. The Silver Jubilee is another top option that will make your day if you have the courage to give them a try. Local whiskey in Bhutan is essential for having the fun of your life in this lovely country.


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The Bhutanese don’t joke with tea. They take it for different reasons, including detoxification, cleansing, and supplementing meals. Hot water/ iced tea is one of the best in the country. You can also try out the Big Cola or Butter Tea (Suja) that delivers excellent taste.

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