Nice is a cool city located on the French Riviera. It offers visitors so much to see and do. One of the reasons why you shouldn’t miss coming here is their rooftop bars. Now, Nice is worth seeing from the top, and several places will offer you the kind of opportunity that you desire. Here are a few of those rooftop bars for you to explore.

4Le Meridien

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Soaring above the Niçois skyline is Le Meridien, one of the most iconic buildings in the whole of the city. Visitors can go to the bar to select from the list of quality drinks to quench their taste. They offer a high-quality cocktail, and the ‘Lounge Corner’ is an excellent option which is opened 10 am to 5 pm, for people who want that extra feeling of entertainment. While enjoying their collection of delicious drinks, visitors can look into the horizon and feel the power of the city from the electrifying and visually appealing skyline.

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