1. Doner

Fancy tasting some of the most iconic Turkish foods? This country has plenty of alternatives to offer regarding food varieties, landscapes, and culture. Many cities in Turkey have their own traditional food, but if you visit Istanbul you can find everything you may wish. Starting with one of the most famous street foods, doner is widely known in many other countries including Germany, so you might have tasted before. Doner is grilled meat with plenty of spices, wrapped in a lava bread with yogurt, tomato sauce, and butter.

2. Meatball or Icli Kiofte

A tasteful and classic Turkish dish is icli kiofte, which is a different type of meatballs. The inner side is crispy made with bulgur and seasoned mincemeat, parsley, pine nuts, and onions. It is mouthwatering and totally worth tasting.

3. Lahmacun

Many confused lahmacun with pizza, but there is nothing common in those two dishes. Lahmacun is a special Turkish dish usually offered as a street food option. It is made of a thin and crispy dough topped with seasoned meat, which has a lemon and parsley dressing before serving.

4. Meze

Meze is not just a dish in Turkey but includes a variety of side dishes served as a starter or in order to accompany tea or other locally produced drinks. So, when you ask about meze in Turkey, the regular dishes you may taste are fava, a mashed beans dip, kopoglu, which is fried eggplant cubes with tomato sauce, and muhammara, a dip made of red pepper paste.

5. Kebap

Kebap is also known worldwide, but the taste that this food has in Turkey is extraordinary. Usually in Turkey, you will find many varieties of kebaps such as Adana, and Urfa, depending on the meat is used to make kebaps. The traditional recipe is made of lamb, or beef, but you can find also chicken.

6. Manti

Manti is a classic recipe in Turkey, that has a similar to dumplings shape filled with mincemeat. Dumplings are boiled in hot water and served with yogurt and a nice spicy sauce made with oil, paprika, garlic, and mint. Absolutely tasteful!

7. Hunkar Begendi

Hunkar begendi is a unique and tasteful dish, that there is no way not loving it. Turkish usually made this dish for festive dinners or as a special meal, as its taste is amazing. It is made of mashed eggplants, which are cooked with butter and spices, topped with lamb meat in a tomato sauce, and kasar cheese.

8. Grilled Fresh Fish

There is no way to visit Turkey and not tasting grilled fresh fish. In Istanbul, across the seaside, there are plenty of restaurants that served fresh fish, and totally worth tasting. Depending on the season you are going, there are different fishes to taste. Some of the most popular include mackerel, anchovy, sea bass, and bream.

9. Pide

Pide is a typical dish you can find in Turkey, and you will be amazed by its shape. There are made with the dough in boat-shaped filled with various ingredients. This is a dish that you may have a vegetarian option as it could be filled with spinach. A typical pide has mincemeat, egg yolks, and sucuk, a local sausage.

10. Su Boregi

Borek is a pie made with layers of thin dough with a variety of fillings. There is a traditional way that su boregi is made, and in some cases, you may be able to see it. The fillings include spinach, meat, or cheese, and the layers of dough are firstly boiled and then baked, so as to keep the moist and taste of the dough.

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