We think that lovely parks and a robust culture are two of the reasons we would like to explore Wakefield. If you’re looking for movies to watch before you pack your bags and go, here are famous productions that will help you experience the city.

Brassed Off

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Gloria Mullins works for the British Coal. Her company asks her to go and assess the condition of the coal mine pit and must determine if it will be profitable to keep operating it. While there, she comes in contact with the Colliery Brass Band as her presence injects some life into their affairs, while they prepare for a competition. Mark Herman writes the screenplay and directs this film that proves to be a quality delivery of drama and romance to a modern audience.

The film stars an incredible cast that includes Pete Postlethwaite, Tara Fitzgerald, Ewan McGregor, Jim Carter, Mary Healey, Melanie Hill, Philip Jackson, Sue Johnston, and Peter Martin. Part of the filming location for Brassed Off is in Wakefield, so you’re going to see so much of the city. The film earned excellent ratings from critics and won 10 awards and seven nominations, including Winner of Grand Prix at the 1997 Paris Film Festival.

This Sporting Life

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Drama and sport come together in this lovely film from the 1960s. Frank Machin is a Yorkshire coal miner. After a local club fight, he joins the rugby team. There he quickly becomes a star due to his brutality and ruggedness. But then Frank begins to feel an emptiness in him, which is slowly destroying him. To get out of his emotional state, he decides to woo his landlady. This Sporting Life is an excellent option for people who love sports and want to see how Wakefield looks like in the 1960s.

The film is the work of director Lindsay Anderson and stars excellent actors like Richard Harris, Rachel Roberts, Alan Badel, and William Hartnell. This Sporting Life earned high ratings with a 95% quality mark on Rotten Tomatoes. The film is also a recipient of three awards, including Best British Actress for Rachel Roberts at the 1964 BAFTA Awards.


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William and Jessica are about to get married. Like some couples, they come from different backgrounds. William is a prince, while Jessica is from an average family. William and Jessica love each other, but the problem is his family. William is just out of Oxford and planning to write a book on his grandfather Harold, 6th Earl of Pontefract. Will they allow him to marry someone like Jessica? Antediluvia is a drama that will interest you because of the reality of love and relationships affected by social status and personality.

The film is the work of Charles H Young, who also co-wrote it, and it stars Peter Dykstra as Harold De Lacy, Jack Parr as William De Lacy, Sean Smith as Charles De Lacy and Lily McDermott who plays the role of Jessica Slater. Filming for Antediluvia took place in several locations in West Yorkshire, including Leeds and Wakefield.

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