The port city of Genoa, Italy, has been described as one of the best-kept secrets and gems for visitors. Apart from ship-like buildings, piazzas, and 1000 years old cathedrals, there are also fun spots where one can enjoy themselves, including the gorgeous rooftop bars. These destinations are worth visiting to try out their drinks and food.

Palazzo Rosso Rooftop

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You can find the Palazzo Rosso at Via Garibaldi, a well-known street in the heart of Genoa. One of the best things you can do is to climb to the rooftop bar to enjoy a panoramic view like you’ve never seen before. You’ll also have access to plenty of meals and drinks, prepared by highly rated professionals who are ready to offer you the very best of what you desire. It’s a fantastic opportunity for you to experience a city offering visitors whatever they desire.

Grand Hotel Savoia Rooftop Bar

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Setting your eyes on the Grand Hotel Savoia could give you chills. The hotel is a great place to be, so also is the incredible rooftop bar offering many fun and relaxation opportunities for visitors. The five-star hotel offers an incredibly stunning view from the terrace that many guests find quite amusing. Up there, there is also a hot tub where you can relax and have the fun of your life. You can ask the friendly staff to supply you with their menu so you can pick from their list of very delicious offerings.

Old Port Bar

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At the Old Port, you get the very best of fun as the entire place is located on top of the sea. From here, you can have a dynamic view of the city of Genoa, especially the section where they have plenty of sailing yachts. Imagine taking your lunch while viewing people sailing yachts to various destinations. The food here is also incredibly satisfying. You can order for Tiramisu, which is a coffee-flavored Italian dessert, layered with eggs, chocolate, and cheese. Pasta dishes and seafood are also very common here as people like to enjoy their evening with such delicacies.

La Goletta Seaside Pub

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Here is another seaside bar with views of the sea and parts of the skyline of Genoa. People come here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of great food and of course, cocktails. It’s also one of the best places to enjoy Italian aperitifs like pastis, gin, rakı, fino, vermouth, champagne or other styles. La Goletta is a nice place to enjoy the sunset, and during the weekend, they entertain their guests with great music.

Eataly Genova

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A very popular place with locals and tourists alike. Eataly Genova is famous for having an impressive collection of wines and cocktails, strong enough to satisfy the desires of anyone. Here, you’re free to enjoy the best of meals while there is jazz music playing in the background, and you’re viewing the beauty, elegance, and style of a city that deserves to be respected.

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