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Britons love a good drink after a hard day of work. Some prefer strong alcohol while others would settle for something light. Whatever the case may be, you’ll find people in the UK cherish their drinks, and it’s always part of any occasions. Here are the five most popular drinks in the United Kingdom. Cider is an alcoholic beverage that has been fermented from apples. Statistics show that the UK has the highest consumption of this beverage and of course, the largest production companies. It comes in different flavors and many people familiar with colors of cider, from colorless to brown.

In the UK, cider is available in pubs, bars, and restaurants; and it is also present in festivals, carnivals, and other private and public events. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!


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If they are not drinking cider, they most likely have a bottle of beer in their hand. Beer is one of the oldest and most popular drinks, not only in the UK but in the whole world. It is brewed from different types of grains including wheat, corn, rice, barley, etc. Just like in many parts of the world, there are traditional beer styles originating from the UK. You can find brown ale, pale ale, porter, Burton ale, etc. One of the most famous in the UK is Thatcher’s and Carling, which have good taste and worth drinking it while in the UK. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!


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Bottled gin is one of the most popular drinks in the UK without any doubts. Its liquor is made from juniper berries and plays a major role in the daily life of people in the UK, especially men. There are different types of gins produced in the UK by brands, all of which have their own unique flavor and taste. Gins are served in bars, pubs, and clubs, and can be purchased on the counter at drinks stores or supermarkets. What makes gins in the UK different from other types of drinks is the intricate and attractive bottle designs. You should experience a distillery tour and taste some of their popular gins. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!


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People in the UK also like to drink brandy. It’s a spirit produced from distilling wine, containing about 35-55% of alcohol. Unaged brandy is usually placed in a barrel so it can mature and bring out the natural brown or golden color. In the UK, many people prefer to enjoy brandy as a classic serve by taking it with mixers or a dash of water. It’s also common to see people taking it along with food, either the way it is or in a cocktail. It is especially served during winter, and locals love to drink it. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!


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Tea is the only non-alcoholic drink on this list, and it deserves to be mentioned because of how popular it is in the United Kingdom. Tea is made from pouring hot water over cured leaves, a shrub native to East Asia. Since the 16th century, the UK has had a reputation as one of the world’s consumers of tea, and they have their own customs of drinking it. In the UK, tea is usually taken in the morning and then other times of the day. It also features special events as well as family occasions. Workers take a tea break and sometimes, tea is consumed as a meal, for medicinal purposes, or for relaxation.

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