4Bristol Cathedral

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Bristol, an English city in the southwest of England, used to be an important harbor city back in the days. It used to have plenty of warehouses, which are now basically restaurants. Bristol also has an interesting history, parts of which are the magnificent churches that can be found in different parts of the city. When you go there for a visit, here are the most famous churches you should find. Founded in 1440, Bristol cathedral is a magnificent edifice that defines a very important aspect of the history of the city. It has a unique architectural design that forms part of the construction of the church hall, the vaulting, and the east lady chapel. Another interesting aspect is the chapter house located at the south of the transept, with arches that give the room its rectangular shape. You shouldn’t miss the amazing organ which was first built in 1685. Stained glass window by Charles Eamer Kempe, Effigy of John Newland, and Richard Hakluyt’s memorial are also an interesting aspect of the church that should be explored. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!