4Cafeteria of The Caixaforum

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A trip to Zaragoza is like a trip to paradise. Ancient architecture, palaces, and plazas, among others, offer the best sightseeing experience for visitors. Zaragoza is also great for bar lifestyle, and their rooftop bars are one of the very best in Spain. Here are some of the top best bars for you to have a lovely evening in Zaragoza.  At the top of the CaixaForum Zaragoza building is this cozy and lively restaurant and bar where many people go to enjoy their evening. The terrace bar, which is well-decorated with nice features, is overlooking the Ebro River and the areas where the Expo Zaragoza in 2008 was hosted. Here you can have a drink or two while enjoying the sunset and in the company of friends and colleagues. Cafeteria of the CaixaForum is a good place not just to relax but also to learn about Zaragoza, their lifestyle, culture, and other important things. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!

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