Vilnius is full of symbiotic energy. It is Lithuania’s largest and most bustling city. The city combines a youthful and vibrant art scene mixed with a historical, architectural presence that honors its past. A walk through the city reveals the presence of German Gothic, Italian Baroque, and French Classicist architecture with Russian orthodox domes. Vilnius has been described as the Jerusalem of the North. Explore this amazing city through the best rooftop bars in Vilnius.

Sky Bar at Radisson Blu

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Sitting at the top floor of the Radisson Blu hotel is the beautiful Sky Bar. Described as having a panoramic view of the city, one can view the sunset sitting at the Bar, which is regarded as a never to be missed opportunity by visitors. Here, a big range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including contemporary cocktails, mocktails, and finger foods, is served. On weekends, live DJs spin their music in the bar. Sky Bar has a smoking space. Children are not allowed to stay beyond 10 pm at the bar. Not exactly the cheapest place in the city, but the romantic mood here is off the charts. The best time to drop by is when the sun is setting or late on the weekend when the place takes on a distinctively clubby mood.

Kava Tau

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Kava Tau is your one-stop for a fantastic variety of dessert, pleasant views, and Lounge. You can view the sunset from the Bar as much as you want. It has a relaxing atmosphere and really good coffee. Free Wi-Fi is available here. This day the café and night bar is located on a hill. Kava Tau serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, and drinks. The location is fitting for group parties and specialty dinners.

La Paysage

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This French restaurant sits on a balcony overlooking the lake at the Vilnius Grand Resort. Creative, superb French cuisine is served here to the pleasure of guests. The menu is extensive, with high-quality food, different pieces of bread, and high-quality lemon sorbets. Apart from the good wine sold at La Paysage, you will also enjoy a scenic view, and you can see the sunset from the restaurant. It is a perfect location for dinners and romantic meetups. Visitors will be able to enjoy an exquisite restaurant with a scenic view fitting for French-cuisine lovers.

Bona Pizzeria

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Local cuisine and International cuisine are served here. It offers some of the most famous Mediterranean dishes – pizzas, pasta, and salads. It’s a popular daily menu, characterized by simple and light meals. Fans of traditional Lithuanian and Karaite cuisines will find something interesting, too: kibinai (traditional Karaite dish) and other favorite dishes. This restaurant is perfect for family dinners and special occasions with outdoor seating. Bona Pizzeria has its seating close to the edge of the Lake with a good view of the Trakai castle. The Romantic and scenic view welcomes large groups and business meetings. Its wheelchair accessible, and the alcohol is served chilled at all times. There is no better place to stay for a fun evening than at the Bona Pizzeria.

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