Varna is a place for everyone with fun at the back of their minds. The cozy atmosphere and ambiance at the rooftop bars is one thing that will catch your attention in the city. It is just perfect for a couple of drinks. So why not take a walk into one of the finest rooftops in Varna as t3his list guides you on the best roof terraces you can find in the city.


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One of the preferable places by citizens and guests in the city is this mind-blowing rooftop bar called Cubo. It is located near the sea and is an ideal destination for a cold drink and funky music. Cubo is the top place for a cocktail at the beach during summer. You can hang out with friends during the day or drink through the night at this rooftop bar. The roof terrace offers nice views of the sea where you can sit and enjoy a round of cocktails on your table. If you are visiting Varna during summer, plan to spend some time at Cubo.

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