If you really want to have a taste of some delicious cuisines on a vacation getaway, then Solomon Island is the best destination for you. There are also many drinks for you to choose from a wide selection. The soft drinks are one thing that will catch your attention. Meanwhile, here are the best drinks the country has to offer.


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The production of wine in the country has currently boosted its economic growth. Wines produced on the island are mostly low alcohol and suitable for any festive celebration holding in the country. Wines come in different varieties and brands. Some are produced without any mixture, while some are mixed with another fruit. There are also seasonal specialty wines, including Chocolate Raspberry Port, Riesling Wine, Ginger Spice Wine, Pumpkin Spice Wine, Tulip Wine, Rose Wine, and Peach Wines that are released once in a year and often sell out quickly; it is very hard to find them in stores.

Soft Drinks

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There are different kinds of beverages you will find in Solomon Island that is convenient to suit relaxation. Almost all the bars and grocery stores have these soft drinks available for you to purchase. One famous soft drink that is known as a favorite of most people in the country is Orangina. It is prepared from orange and a combination of other ingredients. Calypso soft drink is another refreshing drink you shouldn’t miss out on Solomon’s Island as well as Jones Soda. They are the perfect drinks you could chill out within one of the bars in the country.


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Tea is a common drink on this island, as people usually order it as breakfast in the country. Adagio Tea is a popular brand in the country that you can find in most grocery stores. The tea is prepared from Pu Erh Dante, Black Tea, Cinnamon, Natural Cinnamon Flavor, Ginger & Natural Ginger Flavor. It contains a low caffeine level, and it is the ideal drink to go with a good meal.


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Solomon Island has a reputation for producing the best coffee in the world. It has also contributed to the economic growth of the country. Coffee is mostly taken as a light, refreshing drink that could keep you going for a whole day. It can also be seen served in various festivals celebrated in the country.

Kava Drink

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Kava is a popular drink in the country because of its sedative, anesthetic, and euphoriant properties. Apart from the Solomon Islands, it is consumed in nations where it is exported as herbal medicine. It is prepared from the root of a tree called Kava. You can find the drink in many pharmaceutical shops or stores in the country.


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The inhabitants of Solomon, like the rest of the world, do love beer. You will find the beer very tantalizing as it was produced from the finest brewery in the country. Canoe Lager is a special kind of beer that you shouldn’t miss out while spending a vacation. The Golden Color Head, with its soothing aroma, makes it a must-try beer. Other beers that you can also try out on the island are SB Special and Solbrew.

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