If you are looking for the best hangout spot in Hanover, then you should visit the rooftop bars in the city. Hanover has amazing rooftop spots where you can have a couple of drinks and delicious cuisines as well as enjoy a wonderful view of the city’s skylines and surroundings. These are the best rooftop bars you can find in the city.

6The Staubs Landing

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The Staubs landing is a modern, inviting, and relaxing atmosphere for the whole family. Although not much of a terrace but the classic American cuisine ranging from seafood, beef, chicken specialties, signature fresh and light salads, creative sandwiches, and even house-made desserts make it a place worth visiting. It is referred to as the best stock bar in town where you can find extensive wine and Martini list, house-made seasonal specialties like pineapple vodka, red sangria, and pumpkin-spiced rum. There is no better place for a tourist to be in Hanover.

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