The best way to spend a romantic, cozy, and luxurious holiday in Florence is by visiting the rooftop bars in the city. Florence has no exception for having fantastic rooftop bars that will make your holiday a memorable one just by enjoying the delicious cuisines and tantalizing drinks offered there. But before you decide on which rooftop terrace you want to make the most of your stay in Florence, here are the finest rooftop bars you should explore.

Empireo at Plaza Hotel Lucchesi

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This is a must visited place in Florence if you want to enjoy a luxurious vacation. The rooftop terrace at Plaza Hotel Luchessi shows off a lovely rooftop pool and an American rooftop bar called Empireo. You will enjoy spectacular views of the Florence skyline and the surrounding environment from the terrace. It is an ideal place to enjoy magical sunsets over Florence while soaking the sun in comfortable sunbeds and sipping cocktails in the rooftop pool.

La Terrazza Bar At The Hotel Continentale

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Le Terraza is known for being the best spot for the 1950s chic but nevertheless, it is a cool place to settle for some tantalizing cocktails. The rooftop bar is a 13th-century medieval tower of the grown-up Hotel Continental designed by famous Florentine architect Michele Bonan. The terrace is a comfortable spot to order a crisp Martini-based cocktail such as the American Patrizio.

B-Roof At Hotel Baglioni

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If you want to enjoy a long lunch in the city of Florence, the Hotel Baglioni is a fantastic option. There are two sections of the rooftop bar where you can settle for a lazy lunch. You can choose from a wide range of drinks from tart pisco to sour local wines at one of the rooftop sections called American Roof bar. Wednesdays and Saturdays are the best days to visit the bar as the atmosphere is filled with live music from local artists.

Divina Terrazza At Grand Hotel Cavour

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Divina Terraza is a favorite destination for visitors in Florence. It is situated on the 6th floor of the Grand Hotel Cavour rooted right in the center of the city. The cocktail menu is very attractive as you will get to choose from a variety of punchy cocktails while enjoying a knockout view from the rooftop terrace. There is also an extensive wine list for you to select from, including a silky Rosso vino from Tuscan Villa Antinori.

Se-Sto On Arno At The Westin Excelsior

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A nice location that is ideal for panoramic views of the historic city of Florence is Se-Sto. Se-Sto is more of a sit-down restaurant that is situated in the Westin Excelsior hotel. The hotel is renowned for being one of the classy places in the quieter west of Florence. You will find the interior of the bar very attractive from the floor to the ceiling glass walls of the main restaurant. There are two open terraces for you to relax and order for a couple of drinks. Se-Sto offers a great ambiance and relaxed atmosphere, which makes it a much-visited place in Florence.

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