Although famous for its delicious cuisines, El Salvador also has a reputation for its classy beverages. Some of which are influenced by the Spanish and Mayans. There are different varieties of tantalizing drinks for you to try out in El Salvador, but here is a list of the best drinks the country has to offer.

Atole De Elote

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Prepared from corn, cinnamon, sugar, and water, Atole de Elote is a traditional El Salvadoran creamy drink that is served hot. The drink dates back to the old times where the ancient Mayan culture prepared it. You will find it as a favorite among the people of El Salvadorans and mostly served in bars and pubs throughout the country. The drink also comes in a chocolate form which is referred to as ‘champurrado’ or Atole Shuco. It is a variation made with purple corn, which gives it a darker color.


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The reason why El Salvadorans enjoy Kolashampan is because of its unique taste that is hard to describe. Kolashampan is a soda prepared from sugarcane but has an orange color, so you’d expect it to taste like oranges. The drink gives a distinct flavor and sweetness that keeps you refreshed. It is an ideal drink to enjoy on a sunny day.

Hot Chocolate

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If you want a refreshing chocolate drink, then Hot Chocolate is the perfect choice for you. The drink is prepared by extracting cocoanut butter mixed with sugar, which results in a sweet paste that is soluble in water and milk. Cinnamon or clove spices can also be added to it during its preparation. It is an ideal drink for breakfast and can be typically served warm with bread and pies.

Tamarind Juice

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Tamarind juice is a popular El Salvadoran drink prepared from the fruit of peanut-like pods and found on tamarind trees. The tamarind tree is mostly found in Mexico, although it originated in Africa and came to the Americas in the 15th century. It is a refreshingly simple drink made from tamarind pulp, sugar and water and mostly served during special occasions. Tamarind juice is known to contain some health benefits such as weight loss, psoriasis, arthritis, and diabetes.

Coconut Water

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Coconut Water is a drink you wouldn’t want to miss while visiting El Salvador. It’s healthy drinking straight from the source and sometimes mixed with vodka as an aperitif. Coconut Milk is a famous drink in El Salvador and can be found sold by street vendors.


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Although popular in Mexico, Horchata is known as the El Salvadoran favorite drink made from morro seed, water, and spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and cocoa. The word “Horchata” comes from the Catalan language of orxata, which is probably derived from the word “ordieta” which means barley. The preparation of the drink results in a milky, sweet, and spicy drink that can be served hot as well as cold. You can find this tantalizing drink in all Salvadoran food restaurants and other places where people gather to enjoy great local meals.

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