The rooftop bars in Antwerp has a reputation for hosting many people within and across Belgium. Visitors regard these bars as the most convenient place to spend their day while having fun with friends as well as sipping one of the carefully selected wines and hand-shaken cocktails. These are the best rooftop bars you wouldn’t want to miss out in Antwerp.

5Skybar Antwerp

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If you are on vacation in Antwerp, you shouldn’t fail to visit this rooftop bar. Skybar is an excellent choice and a trendy place to have drinks while enjoying the view. The service is excellent, but the prices of drinks are not quite affordable. It has a wonderful outdoor terrace that gives you a superb view of the city of Antwerp in combination with a cocktail and lots of the sun. You will find the outside restaurant quite fascinating as the delicious menu seems to be appetizing.

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