There is no doubt, the flea markets are fashionable. And Madrid offers a wide variety of them and with an immense range of textile articles but also food. There is no weekend in which you can not go to one so we have selected ten, so you have a choice.

1. El Rastro

El Rastro

It is without a doubt the most famous market in Madrid and a must-see. There you will find the most unusual objects at unsuspected prices. Every Sunday of the year and holidays in Lavapiés, from the Plaza de Cascorro to the Ribera de Curtidores, thousands (more than 3,000) of stalls full of junk. It was born around 1740 around the Matadero de la Villa as a semi-clandestine souk for the sale of used objects. Now it has been regulating its existence and commercial activity and is present in all travel guides. It is not only about the commercial activity itself, but about the environment that is lived and the snacks that are taken under its shelter.

2. Motor Market

Motor Market

The Motor Market is a monthly market that is held for an entire weekend at the Delicias station (the old railway station). It offers crafts and vintage fashion with a hipster air and, of course, some gastronomy for a snack.

3. Cuesta Moyano Book Fair

Cuesta Moyano Book Fair

It is another Madrid classic that has been accompanying the city for dozens of years. In its old-fashioned stalls you will find all kinds of books and publications. It is a permanent market located on the Cuesta de Moyano, a small pedestrian street located in an enviable enclave: between the Paseo del Prado and the Retiro and next to the Botanical Garden.

4. La Tabacalera

La Tabacalera

The old Tabacalera headquarters in Madrid houses an independent, self-managed space in which markets of all kinds of products are held on many Sundays. To sample, a button: Ecomarket, an appointment with the new forms of Agroecology, which will fill different spaces with a special sale of organic and artisanal products by the producers themselves.

5. Adelita Market

Adelita Market

On Calle Espíritu Santo, 23, in the heart of the Malasaña neighborhood, this initiative was born in which, as can be read on its website, any private person can participate by selling objects that they do not use, generating extra income. The philosophy of Adelita Market and the Adelita Association is to encourage rational use of products, prioritizing reuse and waste reduction while serving as an example as a model of a sustainable project that can be exported to other cities or neighbourhoods. It is free to enter, opens from 12 noon to 9 p.m. and is usually on some Saturdays of each month.

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