Palermo is the capital of Sicily, one of the most amazing places the country has to offer. This great city is noted for its culture, architecture, gastronomy, history, and other features. It’s also child friendly, as there are many destinations where you can go with your children and enjoy a lovely holiday. Here are the best places we think you need to visit.

Palazzo Dei Normanni

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Here is a magnificent building that defines the might, power, and history of the city to the largest length. It is regarded as the royal Palace of Palermo since it was the seat of Kings of Sicily during the Norman domination. Walking around the castle is a great way to explore its majesty. Some of the things for you to see here include mosaics, the roof done in wood that is designed and painted with glamour, and the marble work and other remains of items from the periods of the Catalans.

Orto Botanico di Palermo

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Botanical gardens Palermo is an excellent place to take your kids for an evening of fun, positive physical activities, and relaxation. The garden which has been around since the beginning of the 18th century is located in the city centre and offers a place of relaxation and fun for the entire family. There are more than 12,000 species of medical plants, used for medicinal research, carefully preserved and maintained here. The garden is also home to a colony of parrots, Psittacula krameri, which has enhanced its allure. You will also be able to explore the many gorgeous buildings here, including gymnasium, caldarium, and tepidarium all of which were built in neo-classical style. There is also a gene bank, greenhouses, aquariums and water lagoon.


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This tiny volcanic island located on the Northern Coast of Sicily is a fabulous place for you and the kids to enjoy yourselves. You can take a boat ride to this place which on its own is a great activity. Apart from relaxing in the beaches, scuba diving, and snorkeling in the caves, you can also visit the excellent shops, cafes, and restaurants scattered all over the island. The kids also have so much to do as the entire place is filled with fun spots you can’t just have enough.

Palermo Old Town Bike Tour

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Everything about Palermo is amazing. However, to explore the entire place, you need to find the perfect mode of transportation. For this, we encourage you to try out the Palermo Old Town bike tour. The tour takes you through the backstreet of the old town, discover pretty squares, buildings, and architecture, and get you to the heart of the city. You would also be able to see markets, where you can buy lovely items you can take back home as souvenirs. Most people who take the Palermo Old Town bike tour also like to mingle with the locals and enjoy sampling Sicilian street food. It’s one of the most immersive experiences you can ever have, as it helps you to know almost everything about Palermo.

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