Despite being filled with an array of up-and-coming destinations on Earth, people still want to visit some classic locations that have appealed to travelers for decades. One of them is certainly the Amazon rainforest, with the world-famous tropical environment providing people with a truly memorable holiday package. There are some things to be aware of, though.

amazon rainforest

The Amazon is one of the most challenging environments on Earth. While movies like Jungle, documentaries with David Attenborough, and casino games like Amazon Wild might make visiting the largest rainforest in the world feel like a fairly easy thing to do, it certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted. Safety and preparation is key when assessing how you should go about your Amazon experience. It’s achievable, though, and there certainly isn’t anything that should put you off visiting the Amazon if it has been a dream for a while.

So, with various travelers sharing tips over the years, let’s take a look at some things to be aware of before venturing to the Amazon rainforest.

There are numerous ways to get there

Given just how large it is, there are plenty of ways you can achieve your Amazon rainforest dream. Covering nine nations in South America, including Brazil, Colombia, and Peru, there are a number of ways you can explore this amazing landscape. For example, if you’re keen to see the Brazilian Amazon, then a flight to Manaus in the north is a must. Ultimately, it depends on what part of the rainforest you’re keen to explore before determining exactly how you’ll get there. Fear not, whatever area you want to see in the flesh, there are a number of routes to take. It won’t be five-star travel, though. It’s certainly worth keeping that in mind.

You’ll have no phone signal coverage once you’re there

We live in a world where people have become firmly attached to various forms of technology, particularly smartphone devices. While escaping technology and exploring a wild environment is part of the Amazon’s appeal, it can also frustrate people when they discover that there is no phone signal or WiFi while they’re embarking on an Amazonian adventure. Don’t worry, you can still capture some photos and videos, though.

What you wear is vitally important

In order to reduce your chances of catching anything and to make sure you’re comfortable, trousers and a long sleeve t-shirt is vital. Waterproof boots are also important.

Spanish can go a long way

Although many people who work within the tourism sector speak English, speaking Spanish will help you to learn even more as it’s their first language. Google Translate’s Spanish language package is worth checking out, although you should be able to get by without it. Essentially, many travelers are of the opinion that making an effort to speak a country’s language will endear you to people and result in them helping you out more, sharing more knowledge, and providing an even more authentic and immersive experience. In the Amazon rainforest, speaking even just a tiny bit of Spanish can go a long way.

You’ll need a full set of vaccinations

While vaccinations are a literal pain for many people, they’re worth it if it means you can see some truly amazing animals up close and in their natural environment. For your Amazon adventure, you’ll need a full set of vaccinations that fight off common diseases like rabies and malaria. After all, you don’t want your trip to be ruined because of an illness that could’ve been prevented, right? It’s therefore a hugely important thing to arrange before getting on the plane.

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