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Here are 10 incredible photos from around the world that will take your breath away and make you change the way you see it! Not only is Nördlingen a beautiful picturesque town but when you look at it from above you also notice it’s built in a circle. What’s even more interesting is that the circle is actually a crater that was created by a meteor falling at that same spot over 14 million years ago.Nördlingen, which celebrated its 110th anniversary in 1998, located at the intersection of the two main roads (Würzburg-Augsburg and Nuremberg-Ulm) was one of the largest trade fairs and an important trade center in the region. But it is known from history that Nördlingen suffered great damage to people and material from the wars of 1634 and 1645, and finally to World War II in 1945, which damaged the train station, St. George’s Church and some homes. Fortunately most of the city was kept intact. Nördlingen, part of the Bavarian electorate that has been sheltering in Jewish antiquity since the early 19th century. They have placed in their graves a memorial to those killed during the Second World War by the Nazis. Nördlingen, the medieval town on the Ries plateau surrounded by an ancient wall built in the early 14th century, which hides the special beauty inherited over the centuries, attracts the attention of myasafirs from all over the world. Passing under the shadow of the famous Loepsinger Gate Tower we will be amazed at the magnificent view of the town square of St. George’s Church, where from its tower you can take beautiful pictures of the city, enjoy the traditional beauties of the buildings where the steep roofs to give the impression of an escalating terrace. At the center is an antique fountain with inscriptions and sculptures depicting the history of the city. The city has a lot to explore like the Ries Crater Museum, the Bavarian Railway Museum, the Wall City Museum, there are also many activities like the “Historic City Wall Festival”, beautiful sports activities and more… Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!

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