Learn how to get up early and enjoy it

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Many people want to adjust their schedule so to be able to get up earlier. Some need to get up early to be able to read a favorite book without being distracted, some have lots of custom essays writing to complete. No matter what your reasons are, getting up early may not be an easy goal. Here are some tips that may help you get up earlier and enjoy it.

  1. So easy you just can’t say no

What do you usually do to make sure you get up early? Set an alarm? Unfortunately, this will not guarantee you’ll get up at the time you wanted (you can press the “Later” button endlessly). So what can you do? Start with a small step: set your alarm just one minute earlier you usual time every day. In three working weeks you’ll be getting up 15 minutes earlier and won’t even notice it. This may not be the fastest way, but definitely the easiest. In a couple of months or so you’ll be able to get up two hours earlier without any effort. Isn’t it worth waiting when you make sure you have enough time for all your research writing assignments?

  1. Agree about early meetings

Appoint early meetings with people who get up as early as you do. This will, first of all, give you some sense of responsibility. Second, your body will wake up without much effort if you already have something planned. Remember how you often get up earlier than your alarm goes off when you have something important planned?

So early morning meetings may actually be as effective as an alarm clock when it comes to getting up early.

  1. Create a comfortable environment

Things that you see around you when you wake up are important too. For example, you will be less prone to miss your early morning jogging if you see your sports outfit hanging nearby. Put your alarm clock somewhere you can’t reach just by stretching your arm to make sure you’ve got to get up to switch it off. If possible, set a timer on your coffee maker so you could have your coffee right after you get up, and so on and so forth. Just think of whatever works best for you. Who knows, maybe even a list of creative writing ideas hanging on a wall above your bed will make you get up, properly motivated to get to work!

  1. Find a specific reason why you fail to get up early

You try to get up as early as possible, but you just can’t do it? Think of what steps  (or missteps) exactly didn’t let you reach your goal. For example, you keep hitting the snooze button too often. Is it because you are trying to get up much earlier than you usually do and your body just wasn’t able to adjust? Or is it because you go to bed too late and just weren’t able to get enough sleep?

Think of small issues, not just of big ones. For example, if you can’t fall asleep because it’s too cold, make sure you put an extra blanket or wear a warm night robe.

  1. Find a reason you’ll really like

Why would you like to get up earlier? It’s important to find a positive motivation. Getting up early to work on better research writing strategies may not be the best motivation (unless you are really into that stuff).

If you want to get up early to have some time for jogging, but don’t really like jogging much, it’s likely you won’t be able to follow the schedule you set for yourself. So why don’t you just change your schedule format? Plan things you really like, things that really motivate you for early hours. Sports fans in the US can use major football events like watching the soccer World Cup online, for example.

  1. Mark your progress

Another way to keep yourself motivated is a personal journal or even just a simple calendar. Mark the days when you were able to get up early as planned. When you look on those marks, you’ll feel motivated to do that again. And keeping a journal is a good way to improve writing skills, apart from other great things it does.

  1. Make yourself feel like a morning person

Autosuggestion is another important factor. When you are sure that you are an owl that just can’t stand getting up early, you plans to change your schedule will come to naught. Try to get rid of this mantra. Maybe you just need more time to help your body adjust to your new schedule – and soon you’ll feel much more comfortable with the idea of getting up early.

Remember: there’s nothing impossible. Just a little time and effort, and you’ll be able to enjoy your early mornings.

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