Traveling in the United States can be expensive. However, it is possible to reduce the budget a little by following these tips to travel cheaply. Besides the tickets, once in the United States, transportation and accommodation take up much of the travel budget so here are some tips on how to save on them. One good idea is to rent an RV in the USA. It will be more budget friendly for moving around.

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Travel Insurance

The United States has as one of its entry requirements, in addition to having a visa, to have medical insurance.

If you have a health insurance company, ask if they cover travel expenses and ask for a written statement. Another alternative to not spend on insurance, is to see what coverage your credit card gives you, usually American Express insurance cover the trip to USA.

Cheap flights to the USA

Flying is the most common means of traveling long distances in the United States. Almost all airlines in the United States offer flights at reduced prices, but you have to find the bargains and that is not so easy. Usually like in Europe, you get better prices if you purchase in advance, and in traditional airlines it is often cheaper to buy a ticket back and forth than a single ticket.

Cheap Getting around in USA

While the bus is the cheapest way to get around, long distances such as New York to San Francisco make the trip eternal. Trains in the USA are expensive and not as reliable and punctual as the European trains. However if you are going to make many routes between the big cities, it can be an alternative. Hitchhiking can be dangerous and illegal in most states and could cause problems with the local police. Another convenient option for getting around is to rent a car in USA. This will save you a lot of time and make the trip more enjoyable!

Cheap Accommodation in USA

Finding a cheap place to stay can be challenging, especially in New York, San Francisco or Miami in high season. It is necessary to search and search in advance. The hostels with shared rooms are always the most economic, but for a long stay the most practical will be an apartment. The hotel is the most expensive option. If you go on a route through the National Parks, many have campsites that are very cheap, so you can seriously think of buying a tent and staying in a campsite that generally have excellent services for about 5 or 10 dollars per person.

Eat Cheap in United States

This is very easy, as there are thousands of fast food places, from the typical hamburger and fries to sandwiches and salad chains that are more expensive than the first but healthier too.

If you plan to go to an a la carte restaurant the prices are higher and also keep in mind that in the United States it is a norm to leave a tip of 10%.

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