The Most Iconic Albanian Foods to Eat in Albania

1. Burek Albania has one of the most delicious gastronomies in the Balkan Peninsula, and that's a good reason to visit. If you are looking for the most iconic Albanian food, then you should know...
Sarande, Albania

Amazing Countries to Travel to on a Student Budget

The Best Places to Travel as a Student Traveling the world is possible at any age but the best time to travel is your university years when you are young and have less responsibility than...

The Most Iconic Turkish Foods to Eat in Turkey

1. Doner Fancy tasting some of the most iconic Turkish foods? This country has plenty of alternatives to offer regarding food varieties, landscapes, and culture. Many cities in Turkey have their own traditional food, but...

10 Natural Wonders in Italy That Will Take Your Breath Away

Natural wonders are what makes Italy the best place to be in the world. They offer visitors an incredible time and proffer an essence of beauty, pleasure, and everlasting adventure. These ten natural wonders are worth to see in Italy for their distinct charm and aura.

10 Most Beautiful Forests in Bulgaria

1. Marina Reka Forest Trail Bulgaria is among the top three countries in Europe regarding forest biodiversity. Many parts of Bulgaria are National Parks or Natural Reserves due to the high levels of natural landscapes....
Nile in Aswan

7 Most Incredible Luxury Cruises in the World

There is a different way of traveling through luxury cruises that we wish to share with you with these seven very, very special itineraries.

The Most Iconic Swedish Foods to Eat in Sweden

1. Raggmunk and Lingonberries Swedish food is known for its fish dishes and simple tastes, which is generally the case in the Scandinavian cuisine. However, Sweden has some of the most iconic foods you should...

The Most Scary Places to Visit in France

1. Abbaye de Mortemer Fancy visiting some of the scariest places in France? A country that is a great combination of fascinating tourist opportunities and dark tourism is waiting for you to explore. Additionally, many...

10 Fairy Tale Small Towns in Western Europe You Must Visit

These are the most lovely small towns in Western Europe that will remind you of fairy tales. Fantastic places to experience while traveling.

The Most Scary Places to Visit in Belarus

1. Mir Castle Fancy visiting some of the most scary places in Belarus? A countrywhich is full of history, natural landscapes, and scenic streets, and has plenty of creepy stories to share. Mir Castle is...

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