With a population of 300,000 plus people, Bielefeld remains one of the most exciting and enjoyable places to visit. Many visitors who come here like to enjoy the rooftop bars. Here, they can have quality drinks, good food, and the best atmosphere for a holiday. Here are the rooftop bars the city has to offer, which promises lots of fun, enjoyment, and relaxation.

3The Bernstein

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Here is the number one rooftop bar in the whole of Bielefeld. You can’t get a place better than this because of all the incredible features they offer. Talking about the physical structure, the interior of the bar is extraordinarily arranged to inspire visitors and make them feel comfortable on their arrival. They also have an outside lounge with good chairs and table arrangements and an unbelievably awesome view of the entire city. The Bernstein also prides itself on its food and drinks, as the restaurant offers an impressive collection of European meals, including options for vegetarians. You can also rest assured that you’ll enjoy their cocktails like many tourists who have come here from different parts of the world have testified. The restaurant has a good ambiance, quality staff, incredible menu, and other added features that you can’t resist.

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