10Polperro in Cornwall

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England is a land of fairy tales. Its villages are proof of this with how magical and idyllic they are. If you are planning to visit England and explore these fairy tale villages but are not sure where to begin, worry not. We have prepared a complete list of the ten most beautiful and picturesque villages of England! We start with Polperro found in Cornwall. Visiting the village of Polperro should be a worthwhile experience because it is not just an ordinary small village. It was, in fact, nominated as the most beautiful village in Cornwall and Cornwall itself is known as one of the most beautiful and touristic areas of England. If you visit this village, you can walk through the narrow lanes, stop for a drink in the small pubs, and take a boat trip to nearby islands. The photos that make it look so heavenly do not do it justice. You have to see this village yourself to truly appreciate it. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

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