The Cyclades is a complex of islands that attracts millions of visitors every year. Islands with a huge variety, unique views and enchanting beaches are there to fascinate visitors with their incomparable beauty from every corner of the globe. The Cyclades are Greek islands that combine an ancient and great Greek history with their archaeological sites but also the fantastic natural charm of the Mediterranean.

If you are looking for a quiet and relaxing holiday enjoying the magic of the natural landscape, or if you prefer spree and adventure, in the Cyclades you can have the choice you want. But if we could keep only 4 of the total 33 (!!!) islands of the Cyclades which would they be? Let’s find out:



We couldn’t but start with the island of Mykonos, the “star” and the protagonist of every Greek summer. One of the top destinations in the Mediterranean and beyond, it remains a mythical island for all its visitors. From the walks in the numerous alleys of Chora to some of the most beautiful beaches in all the Cyclades, Mykonos has it all to an excessive degree.

Greek Mykonos street on Mykonos island, Greece

An island that is continuously maintained in the first line of tourism in the country, renewing every year the travel experience it offers to its tourists, betting heavily on its tourism. Hotels of all styles, award-winning restaurants with up-and-coming chefs, and active beach bars are all waiting for you in an intense fun and leisure experience in Greece.



Santorini is one of the most famous Greek islands and one of the most famous tourist centres in the world. Arriving on the island by boat and going up by cable car or with the adorable donkeys you go up to Fira where you will enjoy the famous caldera enjoying a fantastic view. The sunset of Oia will enchant you, and the volcano of the island with its majesty will cause you awe; emotions that few places in the world can provoke. Also, its beaches with their red and black pebbles will transport you to another “planet”, while its unique villages such as Kamari, Vourvoulos and Pyrgos will be etched in your memory forever.



The beautiful Cycladic island retains its charm over time, as it seems to combine in harmonious proportions of natural beauty, authentic experiences, nightlife, gastronomy, activities, archaeological sites, and even “mountainous” Mediterranean villages.

Picturesque Naousa town street on Paros island, Greece

You will discover the Cycladic beauty of the island through the labyrinthine cobbled alleys, the small clearings with bougainvillaea, the traditional elements, the white houses that shine under the bright sun and the endless blue all around the corners. Paros is surrounded by many beautiful beaches that you can choose depending on your type.

The queen of nightlife in Paros is undoubtedly Naoussa, with its traditional architecture and authenticity. Its small port with the Venetian castle is also enchanting. The scenery is completed by the boats, the small churches and the colours of the sky that constantly change.

Greek Fishing boats harbor scene

Paros is a phenomenal island that can offer you a level of world-class vacation, and this also can be seen from the accommodation possibilities that the island offers. In addition to the various hotels and rooms to let, the island also offers luxury villas that are clearly aimed at larger budgets of people who are looking for the ultimate travel experience from their visit to the island. Divine Property gives you the opportunity through a vast range of rental villas, to live a romantic experience on the island of Paros, with your stay in a magical structure that offers all the earthly comforts and pleasures and even more.


Syros Island

The capital of the Cyclades may not be the island you would think of for an extended vacation, but it is always high on the list of those thinking of a “quick” getaway to a trusted Aegean island. As its settlements extend to the area of ​​the two hills, its two characteristic churches can be distinguished. Ermoupolis is built in such a way as to win you over from the first moment of your walk, while the emblematic City Hall, its historic theatre and the numerous hangouts in its well-hidden alleys are enough just to keep you there forever. In terms of accommodation, Syros has solutions for all budgets but mainly small-scale infrastructure, from atmospheric hostels in Vaporia to rentals and hotels in the cosmopolitan Galissas and the family resorts of Kini and Finikas.

Syros Beach

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