The eternal city of Rome will forever be remembered for its contribution to the advancement of mankind. Today, the city holds some of the most important historical buildings and relics in the world. Your kids are going to love exploring the buildings and streets, along with their amazing history and culture.

Experience The Sistine Chapel

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One look at the interior of this chapel and any kid will be marveled. There is plenty of colorful drawings on the ceiling and walls, all featuring figures with amazing stories that you would enjoy. For the best experience, try booking an early bird guided tours where you will be able to enjoy the sight without the crowd disturbing you and the kids. It’s a great place for the kids to meet and learn about the amazing artist, Michelangelo, and his works.

See The Hypogeum Of The Coliseum

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Without a doubt, the coliseum is one of the most iconic structures in Italy and the world. While adults can enjoy the glory of it all, kids have been known to love to explore the hypogeum section of the massive structure. Here is the place where animals like leopards and lions are kept while they move around for a confrontation with the gladiators. The kids will surely enjoy these amazing stories and also love going about the maze.

Visit Rome’s Gladiator School for Kids

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From just 200 dollars, parents and kids can both participate in Rome’s gladiator school for kids. Here, students are thought everything about the history of the great ancient warriors. The school is located in Rome’s Appia Antica neighborhood and managed by the Roman Historical Society. The two-hour hands-on training session will take participants to a new level, where they will learn sword fighting and combat techniques. There is also a gladiator museum where the kids can learn about artifacts and tools of gladiators.

Coin throwing at Trevi Fountain

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If you didn’t visit this amazing place then, you’ve never experienced the true beauty and heart of the city of Rome. The fountain dates back 19 B.C and is considered one of the grandest in the entire world. At sunset, take the kids to the fountain and let them throw coins inside. However, make sure you go at a time when the crowd is lessened to avoid confusion.

View The Beauty Of Rome At Vittoriano in Piazza Venezia

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To help your kids appreciate the true beauty of Rome, you can take them to Vittoriano in Piazza Venezia. The place is filled with plenty of galleries and museums no one can have enough of. From here, they will be able to have a panoramic view of Rome and take part in other activities.

Run Wild At Villa Borghese

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Rome’s central park is the perfect place for your kids to be free. The park which was created around the 17th century has so many features that kids love, including Bioparco, Rome’s zoo, and the Giardino Del Lago. The kids can also catch a film at Cinema Dei Piccoli, the world’s smallest cinema.

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