1. Bialowieza Forest

Belarus has some of the most beautiful landscapes with pristine forests and other natural wonders. It is widely known for its uniqueness of nature, and it is one of the best destinations if you wish to experience original nature. However, Belarus has many more to offer as a country, and it is totally worth visiting. Bialowieza Forest is one of the biggest and most known forests in Belarus without a doubt. It is located between Poland and Belarus, and it is the most visited park in Europe. The forest is home to Bison, which has the largest population in Europe. Additionally, the place is ideal for walking tours and hiking.

Location: Brest Region

2. Berezinsky Forest

Berezinsky National Park is the closest park to Minsk, only 120 kilometers close to the Vitebsk region. It is a protected area and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve as well. The territory is amazingly beautiful, that makes it one-of-a-kind forests in the world. The reserve is a natural habitat for many species of animals and plants.

Location: Vitebsk

3. Braslav Lakes National Park

Braslav Lakes is an outstanding destination in the northwest part of the country. The landscape is full of forests and wetlands, which is a stunning environment to explore. Locals use to call the place ‘The blue necklace’ of Belarus, and it is the ideal location for ecotourism and lovers of fishing and water recreation. It has a uniqueness that you are going to love it.

Location: Braslav

4. Naroch National Park

Naroch National Park is the ultimate destination if you love forests and nature in general. It has more than fourty lakes, all surrounded by forests. Naroch Lake is the biggest in Belarus, and it is quite known among fishermen. Also, in the area, there is a huge wellness center which is the perfect option if you wish to spend the day at nature.

Location: Minsk

5. Pripyat National Park

Pripyat National Park is called that way due to the river that is located there. The location is not a typical forest with huge trees and greenery, but it has its own beauty. The area is full of wetlands and good preservation of natural complexes. Also, there is a Natural Museum, if you wish to know about the history, and the wider area is excellent for resting and enjoying what nature has to offer.

Location: Polesie Lowlands

6. Polesie Ecology Reserve

This area is mostly known as the place where the Chernobyl disaster has no effect, and it is created to provide the necessary ecosystem for the recreation of the area. It is quite surprising that it is no human intervention to a great extent, so you can enjoy the wildlife life of Belarus as much as it is possible.

Location: Bragin

7. Augustow Primeval Forest

Augustow Primeval Forest is quite a large area that begins from Poland and leads to the northern side of Belarus. Mostly the site has virgin forests and the biggest part is in Poland. But, Belarus has also a small and beautiful area to explore. The place is ideal for walking, hiking and enjoying the amazing greenery that exists there.

Location: Northern Belarus

8. Naliboki Forest

Naliboki Forest is the largest National Park in the area of northern Belarus, which is located on the side of the Neman River. The forest is full of pine and swamps and in some areas, there are small hills, which offer stunning views. Besides, the forest has rich fauna including bison, dear, beavers, and wild boars. So, if you want to explore nature at its most, this is definitely a heaven on earth.

Location: Neman River

9. Sarmatic Mixed Forests

Sarmatic mixed forests called that way as the variety of plants and trees is extremely huge. This forest is also located on the northern side of the country, and it is on borders with many European countries. This is one of the reasons that there is such a variety of trees. But, it is certain that the uniqueness of the place is unbeatable.

Location: Northern Belarus

10. Central European Mixed Forest

This is about a huge area, covering almost all Central Europe and consequently a small part of Belarus. The variety of forest is extremely large, and generally has many inhabited areas, wetlands, and small lakes. Also, many areas are places for agriculture, so you will be able to see different locations.

Location: Northern Belarus

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