Suriname is a beautiful place to spend the holidays, not just because of the tropical rainforest and colonial architecture, but also for their food and drinks. There are several top quality drinks you’re going to enjoy when you reach your destination, and we’ve taken the time to help you select the most popular ones you should never miss.


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There is nothing more important than having to drink coffee in Suriname. Whatever your desires are, having a cup of coffee is going to change your life in a million ways. The locals like to gather in cafes and shops for their coffee, which is consumed all day long. You can’t deny the immense influence and capacity that coffee has on the locals, and you’re inevitably going to find yourself enjoying their company to the full.

Fruits Juices

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As you may already know, Suriname is rich in the tropical rain forest that produces plenty of fresh fruits all year round. That’s why fruit juices are very common in this South American nation, and you must be prepared to enjoy yourself having a taste of some of the best flavors they have for offer. You should try out orange juice, passion fruit known locally as ‘Markoesa,’ and soursap, better known as Guanábana and locally known as ‘Zuurzak.’ Please note that these are fresh made fruit juice, so they offer plenty of nutritional values as well. Also, you should understand that locals have a great taste for sugar, so most of their fruit juice preparation is sweetened with sugar.


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The people of Suriname also love rum. There are two most popular rums in the country, including Borgoe and Black Cat. Borgoe is very popular everywhere you go in the country, so many tourists like to enjoy themselves drinking at parties, clubs, events, or even in front of their house. You’ll also find it as part of the drink during festivals and national events. The best seller of the rum is lethal Mariënburg White, which is 90% alcohol and flavorless in cocktails. Black Cat Rum is also loved by many and provides an opportunity for tourists to experience great rum taste at a very affordable price.


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There are many beer options in Suriname, including the Guinness import beer. However, Parbo-Beer remains the most popular local beer you should never miss, especially for a tourist who wants to experience something fresh and new. Since its establishment in 1955, the beer has remained an important part of the culture of the local people. Parbo Beer is available in bottles and cans and is enjoyed among friends, families, and during events.


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Wherever you go it’s common for you to find tea shops in Suriname. Just like coffee, tea is an essential commodity in this place and you can have different variations for you to try out. Black tea, green tea, and other types of tea can be ordered in hotel restaurants, bars, shops, and other places where drinks and beverages are served. To enjoy tea like the locals, you will have to drinks like the locals, and that can be a lot of fun on its own.

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