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Popular for its pristine sandy beaches, beautiful coral reefs, enchanting caves and cascading waterfalls, this resort town located in southern Thailand is one of the 130 islands of the region. Also a fishermen’s port, visitors can take ferry rides to arrive at this place Aside from watersports, tourists can also try rock climbing here. Krabi, a very well-known name of a special pearl of southern Thailand, on its west coast, at the mouth of the Pak Nam River in Krabi, in the Andaman Sea, has become a major tourist attraction from all over the world. Putting Krab on your travel list is a fair and justified action, but you have to consider that you have to have a few days available, and if possible without restriction. I emphasize this because there is a lot to explore, both in and around the city. The city with the characteristics of a city of fishermen and farmers in the flow of the river Krabi is always alive, especially in April to November, which is the most suitable period for vacation. There you can visit a very beautiful temple in a cave in Wat Tham Sua, filled with icons and relics never seen before. Also in the middle of the city is another temple, that of Wat Kaew with beautiful decorations and paintings on its walls, as well as the Buddha temple in the center. Do not miss the famous two mountains Khao Khanab Nam, with a large number of caves with stalactites and stalagmites. From the city you can easily reach the magnificent parks of the area, or the amazing beaches like Railay Beaches, Phra Nang beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, or organize boat tours on many islands and many more beautiful of Krabi. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

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