Many tend to travel for a long time for several reasons. It might be so they can unwind, take a break from the hustles of work, explore new places and cultures, or make their traveling experience to be more memorable. It is an opportunity to embrace possibilities to recover, explore, and develop one’s sense of worth, as well.

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Visiting wineries is a fun experience that you can do during your travel. It’s a chance where you can visit wine houses and learn how wines are produced, which can surely complement with your favorite steak.

Enjoy beautiful landmarks and at the same time spend some time touring on wineries, how does that sound to you? Not sure? Then, here are some perks of wine touring. Surely, doing so would make your trip unforgettable!

Know the process of winemaking

One of the perks in a wine-touring experience is the chance of learning some things on the winemaking process. There may be varied methods applied to come up with different wine varieties, from extracting the grape juice to fermenting, but generally, it’s still the same process.

First off, getting a glimpse of how winemaking is done doesn’t require you to visit a famous winery. You can already learn the process and have a taste of the best wines from local wineries.

Whether a winery offers the best quality of wine or not, you’re still going to learn a lot of things just by visiting the place. Even so, the factors that can potentially affect the quality of the wine include the variety of grapes used, weather and location, soil fertility, and others that may affect the growing conditions of the vineyards.

Experience a Living Tradition

In some classic movies, you’ll see how the affluent class from the European regions would enjoy the sumptuous food on the table with a toast of wine in a goblet cup. Meaning, wine has been produced for millenia!

When you want to experience wine and vineyard-touring in France and Italy, you’ll figure out how a lot of wineries have a long-standing history. You may verify it with yourself by looking at the wine bottle’s trademark that’s attached to it.

Some wineries have been established as early as the 1800s and still serving wine lovers the “wine that tastes better with age” nowadays. This may be uninteresting, but you’ll realize that it’s way better to cap off and invest your wine tour this year by learning some compelling stories from local wine workers.

Meet Like-Minded People Who Share Your Passions

When you’re on a vineyard tour, you’ll meet people from different walks of life. Some would visit wine countries as part of their bucket lists, while others would like to know more about wine production. It is a great opportunity for you, as a wine lover, to develop bonds with other tourists who share the same passions for wine as you do.

For instance, wine tasting allows you and your newly found friends to assess how good a wine is. This chance can pave the way for longer conversations and later information exchange to build connection. So if you think you’re not good at socializing people, wine touring is a chance for you to meet people and develop social skills.

Explore Various Types of Wines

Wine tasting is just part of the ritual if you’re on your winery tour. For some, exploring the taste of various wines offered in the winery is one of the most exciting parts of a visit. Each wine has its trademark and why it became a sought-after wine in the market.

For instance, if you go on a wine tour in the Region of Tuscany, Italy, known for its 2016 Sassicaia Wine 750 ml, you’re more likely to try that type of wine. What’s a more memorable wine touring experience than exploring some types of wine. Keep the most of your wine tour experience by allowing your taste buds to experience different flavors molded by ages.


Traveling allows us to see how things work outside the environment that we’re accustomed to. For most people, they travel to discover some things, explore new cultures, and find a new passion. You can hit more than two birds with one stone in traveling, especially on a wine tour.

Visiting wineries is the best reward you can give to yourself this year. If you want to experience history, learn how wine is made to answer your curiosity, meet people from different places who share your passion, and explore some wines that are offered in the market, then wine touring is something you should give it a try this 2020.

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