6Shade Lounge

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Phoenix is known for plenty of sun and high temperatures. For these reasons, you’re going to need a place to settle down, have some cool drinks, and mingle with the locals. Phoenix has plenty of quality rooftop bars where you can order for all kinds of drinks and have a great time. Located in Scottsdale, this rooftop bar is everything you need to have a wonderful time. It is trendy, vibrant, and has a Mediterranean style terrace where you can relax and forget about the heat. Up there you’ll find day beds and sofas, strategically placed on large wooden floors. You also get the three advantage for the price of one, since it comprises of a lounge, rooftop bar, and night club. During the weekends, there is always one event or the other happening, so don’t miss out in the great fun. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!

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