Located in the Northern part of Italy, the metropolitan city of Turin offers visitors an exciting and enjoyable atmosphere. The city is family-friendly, and there are plenty of places where you can take you, kids, to, so they can enjoy themselves, learn, and see life in a different way. We have selected some of the best things you can do with your children.

Parks And Play Areas

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Kids need to be able to play outdoors, engage with other people, and build strong social skills. In Turin, there are many places that can offer them all of these opportunities, and more. One of them is the 500,000m² Parco Del Valentino, the second-largest park in the city. There are plenty of events taking place in this park which the kids can take part in, for knowledge and entertainment. It has a Medieval Village that has been rebuilt and full of charm, and it’s a splendid place for the entire family to dine and have all the best fun in the world.

Museums Perfect For Kids

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Turin also boasts of a number of museums that will be excellent for your kids. The Car Museum is one of such places you must take them to. The interactive museum is dedicated to the automobile industry, with many vehicles on display. An interesting element of the museum is that it combines historical factors, like the display of the first electric cars, with futuristic elements that inspire anyone that comes here. The Cinema Museum and the Mole Antonelliana are also other places that the kids will love, where they will learn about the history of cinema. You can also take them to The Egyptian Museum of Turin, to learn about ancient Egypt and all of its glories.

Watch A Football Match

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Juventus is one of the top teams in Serie A, which is the most important professional football league in Italy. You can take the kids to watch a football match at the Juventus stadium. These football day matches are a lovely family outing for anyone who wants to enjoy the spirit and soul of the entire city.

The Royal Palace Of Turin

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This magnificent palace build in the 16th century is never to be missed. The palace holds a central position in the history and cultural heritage of the city, standing as a symbol of power for 100s of years. The palace features a square layout, a central courtyard, and many small ornate windows. The kids will have fun exploring the inside and outside of the palace, while also learning about its history by the guard tours.

Sightseeing Bus Tour

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If you wish to see the whole of Turin, then the best way to achieve it is to go on a sightseeing bus tour. This bust tour should be the first thing to do because it will give you a chance to see everywhere and make a decision on the places you would like to visit later. The kids will love the experience because it is fun and very entertaining.

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