In the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain, Malaga is a municipality, as well as the capital. Although known to be progressive in business sectors such as tourism, construction, and technology services, the town is also endowed with the best rooftop bars in Spain that can ease you off a day’s activities with delicious cuisine. You can visit these rooftop bars in Malaga while in Spain.

5Oasis Lounge Bar

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If you are a great lover of gin, visiting the spectacular rooftop bar in Oasis hotel will be a wonderful experience as it entails different drink flavors such as kiwi, raspberry, rosemary flambé, and spiral gummy. There are also cocktails for you to try out at the bar. Oasis lounge bar led to the development of new initiatives in other locations of Malaga and the terrace, which marked the turning point between the traditional rooftop bars on top of hotels. You will find a lot of foreign youngsters here in the party mood playing “Ocalimocho” or participating in the beer Olympics on the patio next to the reception. Participating in these games will make you feel a little younger.

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