New York is the coolest city in the world because of all the amazing things there are to do and see, from the world-famous museums to the zoos and sunrises. It’s experiencing big changes, but its eating and drinking cultures are still unparalleled, with great bars and restaurants (Lilia) providing crazy new concoctions.  Every day, we learn something amazing about this city, whether it’s a new beach, a new viewpoint, a new piece of art, a new business, or anything else. This time, let’s take advantage of the best things that NY has to offer.

  1. Take a trip to the brand-new Jackie Robinson Museum.

A memorial to Jackie Robinson, the first African-American to play in the modern era of Major League Baseball, the museum spans 19,380 square feet and has 40,000 historical photos and more than 4,000 objects. In addition to learning about Robinson’s long-lasting effects on sports, business, and entertainment, visitors will be immersed in an experience that will help them “better understand the bigotry and discrimination Robinson faced outside of baseball.”

  1. Try the cuisine of the Queens Night Market.

It is a wonderfully unique weekly food festival that showcases the best cuisine that Queens offers. Despite growing food prices, market prices are capped at $5 or $6 per item. The festival has been held every Saturday since the market opened in 2015, and last year it drew an average of 15,000 people. You may get anything from Afghani, Indian, and Indonesian cuisines to Portuguese, Filipino, Romanian, and Mexican cuisines.

  1. ARTECHOUSE is where you want to go to get trippy.

On May 14, ARTECHOUSE launched its newest interactive exhibit, “Life of a Neuron,” at Chelsea Market. Through the show, visitors understand how an “average” brain develops from infancy to old age. The Society for Neuroscience, which put on the show, rebuilt a human cell from the prefrontal cortex as the show’s main feature.

  1. Visit The Met on a date night for some romance.

The new “Date Nights” program at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art encourages casual gallery-to-gallery conversations, beautiful live music, and delicious drinks while introducing visitors to the museum’s collection. The famous modern string quartet ETHEL will perform at the American Wing Café, and the European Paintings Gallery will host a special version of Juilliard’s ChamberFest.

  1. Get ready for the unrivaled sports betting experience.

The state of New York does indeed permit sports betting. Whether you’re at a sports betting site in person or online, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for New York sports betting. In January 2022, the state legalized sports betting online, and now there are more than nine sportsbook apps to choose from. If you are physically situated in New York, you may place bets at any of the legal online sportsbooks that operate across the state. All app users will be monitored by geolocation services to make sure they stay inside New York.

  1. Participate in a traditional tea ceremony by taking a seat in The Loft.

Japan Village, a food court and store selling Japanese goods, has opened a 20,000-square-foot upper level called The Loft in Industry City. You’ll enter a replica of Japan, complete with authentic Japanese stores selling goods and services as well as exciting cultural activities like tea rituals and language training. You won’t want to miss out on the Daiso and Book Off that are all advertised on the website of The Loft.

  1. Brew your coffee using a pan of sizzling sand.

A new hookah lounge and dessert bar, Sands of Persia, serves Turkish sand coffee, which is made in a pan of sand cooked over an open flame. New Yorkers love their coffee, so this unconventional method of preparation is certain to be a hit. Sweets (such as the Persimmon Wide, Fingerlime Chiffon Meringue, Desert Sunset, and many others), alcoholic beverages (including mocktails and zero-proof drinks), and hookah are also available.

  1. Visit Summit One Vanderbilt for yourself.

Enjoy an exhilarating, all-inclusive adventure at Summit One Vanderbilt, located on the 67th level of the 1,401-foot-tall, brand-new One Vanderbilt super-tall. The “Air” infinity chamber is lined with mirrors, creating the illusion that you are floating in space. The cityscape, from which you have access to all the main sites and bridges, is stunning, but what makes it even more remarkable is how it adapts to the changing light and seasons.

  1. Enjoy the laughter at a unique surprise comedy event.

The comedy show “Underground Overground Comedy” is hosted at odd New York City establishments, including a barbershop in a subway station, a candy store on a rooftop, and a music studio. There are just a few people in the audience at any given performance, making you feel special because the concert is exclusively advertised on Instagram and attendance is usually low.

To Sum Up

It’s no surprise that New York is a top tourist destination. Culture in all its forms—art, music, cuisine, and more—finds its apex in this metropolis.


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