If you have an adventurous spirit and are attracted to the paranormal, there is nothing better than “enjoying” a spooky getaway to enjoy Halloween night. There are many places in Spain where lovers of this type of experience can satisfy their most terrifying desires. From Andalusia to Catalonia, here are the most scary places to visit in Spain!

Belmez de la Moraleda – Jaen, Andalusia

Belmez de la Moraleda

To start this frightening list, it is essential to start by naming the most famous place in Spain: Bélmez. Located in the heart of the Sierra Morena, more precisely at number 5 Calle Real de Bélmez, this place will certainly make your hair stand on end. Place where the famous María Gómez Cámara died, it is known under the name of “House of multiple faces”. And you wonder why? For in this house strange faces appeared everywhere. On the walls and on the floors, in the kitchen and in the corridor, the spirits are felt with every step you take. In fact, this house was built on an old medieval Andalusian cemetery, which is why many believe that this is the reason why all these events take place. Converted into a museum, not even the bravest of us would dare to visit this site full of paranormal phenomena.

The town of Ochate – Burgos, Castilla y León

Ochate Burgos

We continue our walk of terror heading to the cursed town of Spain: the town of Ochate. Located in Burgos, this municipality is one of the most terrifying places in Spain due to its multitude of mysteries and legends. Victim of several epidemics, UFO appearances, mysterious disappearances and numerous unexplained deaths, this site was inundated with investigators in search of the paranormal. Through numerous Ouija sessions, rituals and spiritualism, the professionals witnessed the appearance of some entities from beyond… And there is nothing more terrifying than hearing murmurs, blows and noises that come to disturb the deafening silence. Being the scene of the greatest spiritual activity in the country, Ochate is not a safe place to walk around at night. But since you are intrepid, surely this detail will not stop you in your tracks. Also when you arrive at this ghost town, you will realize that the chilling landscape is worthy of a horror movie. The tower of the church of San Miguel, its only practically intact vestige, continues to stand guard… but at night it can turn into your worst nightmare. And if this view does not make you shudder, we invite you to stroll through its abandoned streets under cover of darkness.

The town of Belchite – Zaragoza, Aragon


Between bombardments and missiles, Belchite was the scene of a terrible battle during the Spanish Civil War in which more than 6,000 people died. Located in the province of Zaragoza, the site full of supernatural entities, seems to continue to suffer the horrors of the terrible war. How is it possible? In the streets of this abandoned town, the echoes of the past war continue to break the deathly silence. Between the whistles of planes, war drums, gunshots and shouts, even the most adventurous visitors do not want to get close. Being a site of high paranormal activity and known worldwide, the Belchite tourist office offers guided tours to discover it. Would you dare to visit it alone and at night? If your explorer soul can’t contain itself, mentally prepare to be haunted by the sounds and entities that still roam the ghost town.

The Parador de Cardona and room 712 – Barcelona, ​​Catalonia

Parador de Cardona and room 712

Planning a getaway in Catalonia and wanting to stay in the most beautiful castle in the area is not a bad idea. On the contrary, the beautiful tourist destination of Cardona, whose fortress was built in the 9th century, offers an extraordinary experience… except if you stay in room 712. About 100 kilometers from the city of Barcelona, ​​this great fortress impresses its visitors for its beauty, its height and above all for the mysteries that live there. But at the height of Halloween, the castle has more of a horror movie air. In fact, in the terrifying room number 712, more hidden events unfold that are manifested through horrifying apparitions: blows, voices, screams, this room is sure to make your blood run cold from head to toe. Although this room is closed to the public, you can ask to be housed specifically in this room. Only if you dare. But you will find that after a night on this site, you will either run home or stay longer to investigate the presence of these fascinating specters.

The house of the seven chimneys – Madrid


To finish this spooky list, we return to the country’s capital with the plan to visit a terrifying place where a series of paranormal phenomena continues to occur. Located in the Plaza del Rey, the house of the seven chimneys encloses within its walls, one of the most mysterious stories of Spain. It is said that Elena, the former lover of King Felipe II, died in this house but in strange consequences… but this is not the most impressive thing… after her death, her corpse disappeared! Far from being a good joke, Elena, the White Lady, began to haunt this place that today houses the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture. Do you know why it is called White Lady? Because many interns perceived a specter wandering both inside and outside the house and he was obviously dressed in a typical white wedding dress. Also, her spirit does not stop tormenting visitors to this place. Apparitions, voices, sobs, if you hear one of these noises, you run the risk of meeting her, the famous bride who wanders every night. Would you risk wandering near this haunted building? If your answer is “yes”, I know someone who will welcome you with open arms.

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