1. Lysa Hora

Fancy visiting some of the scariest places in Ukraine? This country is full of mystery and legend dating back to the ancient land. Many people witnessed to have seen strange phenomena or touched by stinky creatures at night. One of the most known places in Ukraine for being haunted is the Lysa Hora which is covered with a mystery. Nowadays, it is transformed into a park, but in ancient times was the place where pagans and magicians did their rituals. Kyivans usually avoid passing through this park, as many spooky stories have taken place there. Some of them include that was a military plant and a garrison prison, an execution place during World War II, and in recent years many people have committed suicide there.

Location: Kiev

2. Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi Fortress

One of the largest fortresses in Ukraine also known as Akkerman is a popular destination among tourists. The fortress has an amazing underground network, where passages going through many different routes. Locals say that this fortress has a mysterious atmosphere as many have said that have been attacked by unknown and stinky creatures at night. A hypothesis suggests that the fortress has been inhabited by Australopithecus who did not bare sunrise or descendants.

Location: Odessa Region

3. Ghost Lake

A place where mystery creates a weird atmosphere, though locals used to visit it for fishing. Ghost Lake has a different name, it is called Viknyna Lake and it is located in Central Ukraine. It is usually crowded as locals go there for a picnic, but no one dares to dive in and swim. Rumors say that the lake is a window to another world, so people are afraid to get in the water. Besides, the lake does not freeze even in frosty weather, and the fish grew easily.

Location: Khropotova

4. Pidhirtsi Castle

A huge castle that is widely known in the region is the Pidhirtsi, which is situated in the Lviv region. The castle is immense and outstanding but rumours say that has horrifying inhabitants. The first legend says that a young girl walks through the corridors and asks to be buried, as her husband forced her to leave the castle. Additionally, another story says that many people have seen a white silhouette on photographs. Besides, locals insist on seeing ghosts every now and then.

Location: Pidhirtsi

5. Hromovysche meadow

A location that has been investigated by scientists and researchers for its supernatural atmosphere. It is located in Northern Ukraine, and locals avoid to visit it. The area is surrounded by forest and frequently attracts lightning when it rains. As reported by locals, a glow arises in the spot during thunderstorms. People also say that if you approach the area you start feeling anxiety, depression, and fatigue. However, adventurers who have visited the meadow have become victims of lightning strikes. That’s one of the reasons why locals never cross the area and you might hear not to do either.

Location: Kupysche

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