10Fortezza Di Spinnola

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You wont believe these 10 places are actually available to rent and even you could stay in them for a few days if you could afford it. Insanely beautiful! This medieval complex was restored in order to make it more conducive for relaxation. It is now modern in design but it has still maintained the touch of medieval structure. The best room is the master suite, which is located at the top of watchtower. It is currently priced at 60 pounds. The Fortezza di Spinola is a medieval castle built around the 600s with the features of an ancient military fortification located in a valley in Umbria, Province of Perugia, surrounded by olive groves and fields of sunlight giving it a perfect backdrop for wedding photos. This medieval castle has been restored to a modern design, but has retained its medieval structure, making it romantic for weddings and other special events. The castle has 5 bedrooms, a kitchen that combines modern with antiquity, with a fantastic suite located upstairs from where you can access the terrace and enjoy the spectacular and romantic view of the surrounding valley. Here you will find all the perfect conditions to spend unforgettable vacations, as the antique is perfectly harmonized with the modern, starting with private pools, internet access, a large terrace, a church, air conditioning and underfloor heating. It is easily reached by car or taxi for 1 hour from Perugia and 3 hours from Rome. This place is mentioned for local produce, such as regional wines, olive oil, truffles and more. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

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