1. Austurvöllur Graves

Fancy visiting some of the scariest places in Iceland? This country is extremely creepy and has plenty of locations that will give you goosebumps. The most haunted places are located in Reykjavic, but there are many others all around the country. Starting with one of the most known locations that everyone visits for its spooky story. The building is on the opposite side of Parliament Square, and after the construction of a hotel, people realize that on its ground was a cemetery, and many skeletons were found. That was the main reason why many believe it is haunted.

Location: Alpingi

2. The Hurra Ghost

This location is a pub, which makes it quite popular to visit, but has plenty of spooky stories. Some members of the staff during the years have mentioned that have seen strange shadows, hear noises, and usually feel like someone follows them. The explanation of all these is behind a story that a young man was killed in the location and since then his spirit was sad and lonely haunting the pub.

Location: Naustin

3. Hólavallagarður Cemetery

Isle of Skye history

This is an ordinary cemetery, where every Icelander can visit to find his ancestors. However, despite the obvious reasons for this cemetery, locals have mentioned unexplained incidents that happened in the location. Besides, many cats stay in the area, which is a reason than many believe it is haunted.

Location: Suðurgata

4. Höfði

The story about this place is quite scary, and there is not any single person in Iceland, that doesn’t believe this place is haunted. It is an old house, which has a long history. It is said that the reason for the house to be haunted is the suicide of a young woman. The young woman has poisoned herself after learned some bad news.

Location: Borgartún

5. Stokksness Beach

This beach is extremely beautiful and definitely worth visiting, though there is a haunted story that needs to be searched. It is famous for being the beach where most shipwrecks have happened in Iceland. There are plenty of reasons to lead in a shipwreck, as the sea there is pretty wild, but many believe that it is haunted.

Location: Stokksness

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