1. The Blaskovits-crypt

Are you an adventure seeker looking for some mysterious places to visit in Hungary? Look no further! Abandoned and scary places are one of a kind in this country, and there is no way not wanting to explore them. The Blaskovits – crypt is located in the middle of a National Park and it is quite scary to get there. There is a quite scary story related to this place, as it is said that Bertalan Blaskovits was dismissed by the king in a remote moorland. Blaskovits decided to build a large area, where he and his family would be able to live. After his death, the place left in ruins, and it was never reconstructed.

Location: National Park of Korosmaros

2. The Abandoned Children’s Hospital

The hospital was quite big and has 15 separate buildings, and it dates back to the period of Greater Hungary. During World War I, as a result of many deaths, there was a need for a shelter for the kids. This hospital was created for that purpose, but it is more than 30 years that it is abandoned. However, there are many scary signs on the walls, and one of the most terrifying is on the front door.

Location: Budapest

3. Witch Island

It might seem like a pleasant and relaxed place, but there is a creepy story following this place. Szeged was suffering from a serious drought, and the locals were praying for that. Suddenly one day, rain starts with chunks of ice falling from the sky, and many locals were convinced of witchcraft. For that reason, 12 people were caught, believing that they were witches. They killed them and since then locals say to hear desperate voices crying for help on the riverside.

Location: Szeged

4. Northern – Pest Hospital

The hospital was built between 1903-1904 as a mental institution including other structures in the area. After 1912, the hospital was transformed into a worker’s hostel hosting more than 300 workers. The inhabitants never knew that the building was a mental institution, and anyone knew what had happened there. The building still standing there in ruins, and it is the perfect location for ghost hunting.

Location: 15 district

5. The barrack of Szalafo

This building was created for implementing the border patrol during the Socialist times and protecting the country from enemies. There were made many transformations to the building, though it is left in ruins for many decades. If you ever cross the street where the building is, you can see how creepy the windows are, and the weeds that covering the main doors. It is absolutely one of the creepiest places you can visit in Hungary.

Location: Slovenian Border

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