Although its a North African country, if you walk into the restaurants, bars, and cafes in Tunisia, there is every possibility of seeing Tunisians enjoying rounds of drinks and enjoying delicious cuisines. Here are the best drinks can you enjoy most in this North African country.


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Tunisia is known for producing fantastic wines that keep getting better and winning gold medals at international competitions. Wine production in the country was slowed down but later took a turnover at the end of the 19th century. Mago is the most popular wine in the country, and most Tunisians enjoy it most. You will find the taste very unique and very refreshing.


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If you need an energy drink to keep you going during the day, then you should settle for Kabisa. It is a popular drink in the country that you can find at any supermarket. You will find the drink intensely refreshing as it offers a smooth and lightly carbonated taste. Kabisa energy drink is not only found in Tunisia but is the first truly energy drink you can find in other African countries. It holds a unique feature that makes it stand from all other soft drinks in Tunisia because it reflects the vibe of the Africa lifestyle. Kabisa is recognized as the best-tasting energy drink, among others.


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Tunisia being a Muslim country doesn’t prevent its citizens from enjoying alcohol. You will find alcohol sold in supermarkets in larger towns and resorts around the country. Tunisians have a taste for both grain and grape, which has contributed to its reputation for having the most extensive high-quality vineyards. Beer is a popular alcohol among the people of the country. The local brand, Celtia, is mostly enjoyed when ice cold, but it is also available in a nonalcoholic variety called Celestia.


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This is a popular beverage in Tunisia, which means ‘alcohol vapor’ in Judeo-Tunisian Arabic. Boukha is a distilled beverage produced from figs. This drink can be consumed straight at room temperature or cold. Tunisians find Boukha enjoyable because its alcohol percentage ranges between 36 and 40 percent. It could also be served as the basis of many cocktails and fruit salads. You can find it in stores around the country at a very affordable price.


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Boga is coined from the French words for beverage “Boisson” and carbonated “Gazueze.” It is a brand of Tunisian carbonated soft drinks that comes in four different flavors. The Boga Cidre is known to have a unique taste, close to banana or root beer, due to the carob extract it contains. It is dark brown and comes in a yellow package. Boga lim has a taste similar to 7 Up or Ramune. The drink is a sweetened non-colored version that has a lemon-lime flavor and comes in a green package. Boga light is similar in flavor and appearance to Boga lim and is enhanced with an artificial sweetener instead of sugar. The last flavor is Boga Menthe, which is bright green in color that gives a distinctive mint-lime taste.

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